The CompTIA Blog: Our Favorite Articles From 2019

To end the year, we’ve compiled our top 20 blogs from 2019 covering IT careers, the business of technology and advocacy. We’ll see you again in 2020!
Best of the CompTIA Blog

You may not know that CompTIA previously had three blogs that have now been merged into one that covers IT careers, the business of technology and advocacy. If you’ve previously followed just one, you may have missed some of our favorite articles. Here’s our top 20 from the now combined CompTIA Blog that you can enjoy as you close out the year … and the decade.

20. EmTech Community Lists Top 10 Technologies for 2019

The 2019 Top 10 Emerging Technologies list includes those technologies that would have the most impact for the business of technology.

19. Your Next Move: Security Operations Center (SOC) Analyst

Curious about what it means to be a SOC analyst? Read about job responsibilities, salary, job outlook and how to become one in this article from our Your Next Move series.

18. Customers Say They’re Satisfied with Their Cybersecurity—That’s a Problem

There appears to be a fundamental disconnect between the cybersecurity that companies have, what they need, and what could happen. That’s not good, but it also spells opportunity for the technology channel.

17. Get IT Done: You Have 8 Weeks Left in 2019

Yes, you can get certified in 8 weeks. Our year-end countdown series outlines how you can get certified in 8 weeks, learn a new skill in 6 weeks and practice your hands-on technical skills in 4 weeks.

16. How Tech Trends in "Stranger Things" Hold Up Today (and Tomorrow)

Stranger Things Season 3 is here! As you’re getting ready to binge watch, take a look at some of the technology that’s appeared in the last few episodes, and see what the show’s vision of early-’80s tech tells us about where we are now—and where we might be soon.

15. Security Awareness Training: What Does a Phishing Email Look Like?

This article about phishing emails is part of a series on security awareness training, which also includes articles on passwords, how to detect phishing attacks, corporate acceptable use policies, incident response planning, network segmentation.

14. Business Tips to Survive a Natural Disaster

Guiding a business through a natural disaster is extremely stressful for management, employees, and customers. But if you take the proper precautions, plan out a strategy, and rely on everything around you, you can not only survive, but thrive. This three-part series looks at how to manage employees, customers and lessons learned from those that have lived through a disaster. Part 1. Part 2. Part 3.

13. IT Takes Two: CompTIA and Google Put High-growth Tech Jobs Within Reach

Google and CompTIA have teamed up to get more people into high-growth IT jobs with the Google IT Support Professional Certificate and CompTIA A+. Read about how the two credentials complement each other and give people the skills they need to land a tech support job.

12. Shaquille O’Neal Talks Investing, Tech Trends and Why He’s Proud to be a Geek

Tech investor, entrepreneur, deejay and basketball star Dr. Shaquille O’Neal kept the ChannelCon audience laughing as he shared investment advice, his personal tech story and all the reasons he’s proud to be more cerebral than celebrity.

11. The New CompTIA Linux+: Your Questions Answered

The latest version of CompTIA Linux+ launched in April 2019, and it underwent quite a transformation. The biggest difference was the change from two exams to one, but the content was also updated to reflect the Linux skills needed in today’s tech environment.

10. MSPs Are Under Attack from Cybercriminals, Here’s How They’re Protecting Themselves

MSPs are under attack. Security vulnerabilities have made them lucrative targets for cybercriminals to launch ransomware attacks at multiple small clients. The incidents can tarnish reputations, but here’s how a few are fighting back.

9. What Are the Best IT Certifications?

We could give you our opinion on what the best IT certifications are, but instead we went to the industry’s leading publications to see what they’re saying about what certifications command the highest salary and offer the most job opportunities.

8. Mix of Top Tech Cities and Up-and-Comers Make Up 2nd Annual Tech Town Index

The CompTIA Tech Town Index analyzes tech hiring, job growth and cost of living, and ranks 20 US cities where IT pros can find work, earn lucrative salaries and enjoy rewarding lifestyles. Find out this year's No. 1 city.

7. What Are the Best Cybersecurity Certifications?

Similar to our article on the best IT certifications, we hit the news feed to see what others have to say about CompTIA cybersecurity certifications and how they compare to others in the market.

6. 4 Takeaways For Tech Firms From CompTIA’s 2020 Industry Outlook

CompTIA’s IT Industry Outlook 2020 zooms out to take a high-level view of the industry, and there are four big takeaways for companies that make their living in technology.

5. Top-paying IT Certifications: These Certs Could Make You Six Figures

Each year Global Knowledge surveys IT pros from around the world to learn more about IT jobs, the skills needed and how much money people are making. Take a look at the 2019 data, and stay tuned for updated numbers in January 2020!

4. Five Questions with Cybersecurity Expert Eric O’Neill (Plus What It’s Like to Have Ryan Phillippe Play You in a Movie)

As an FBI investigator, Eric O’Neill developed a reputation for capturing some of the most sinister cybercriminals in the world, including Robert Hanssen, accused of selling secrets to Russia. The case was later turned into a Hollywood movie, “Breach,” starring Ryan Phillippe. On Aug. 6, O’Neill spoke at CompTIA ChannelCon 2019 about his career, spies and cybersecurity today.

3. The New CompTIA A+: Your Questions Answered

CompTIA A+ may have been around since 1993, but every three years it gets a refresh, and 2019 was one of those years. The new version has an increased focus on cybersecurity, cloud, virtualization and IoT. It also now covers scripting and continues to focus on problem solving.

2. Through A Mirror, Darkly: Tech News That Black Mirror Anticipated

Netflix’s speculative fiction fan favorite Black Mirror is more than just engaging television – it tells us stories about ourselves and our interaction with technology in our rapidly-changing, tech-enhanced world. Take a look at recent tech stories that felt ripped from the show.

1. Voucher Discounts: How to Save Money on Your IT Certifications (2019 Refresh)

Looking to save money on your CompTIA certification voucher? Here’s your one-stop shop for all the options you have to get a voucher discount for less. This popular article from 2018 got a refresh this year to include updates about student discounts.

Thanks to all of our loyal readers. We appreciate your time, we love hearing your comments and we hope these articles give you insight into what’s going on in tech. Wishing you a happy, healthy holiday season and success in the new year!

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