Why Renew?

Technology is one of the fastest evolving things on the planet. In order to stay relevant in your career, it’s not only important for you to stay up-to-date on the latest technologies, but also to be able to prove that you know your IT.

CompTIA’s Continuing Education Program allows you to simultaneously keep your skills current while validating your expertise. Renewing your certification helps you maximize your overall return on the time and financial resources you put forth to prepare for, and pass your exam.


Global Job Security

Consider your CompTIA certification a global stamp of excellence. Some employers value certifications more than college degrees and may even require them of staff.

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Risk Management

Keeping your CompTIA certifications current helps you stay on top of current threats to keep your organization’s IT up and running.

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Competitive Advantage

Keeping your certifications current not only helps you stand out as an accomplished professional committed to learning, but also provides a source of professional and personal pride.

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Validating skills through well-designed certifications provides employers and their employees with the knowledge, confidence and ongoing performance that are essential to the growing importance of IT in business success.

Cushing Anderson,
International Data Corporation

Without ongoing training, IT support and security staff performance degrades by 25 percent over four years.

After 10 years of experience, CompTIA certified staff have up to 25 percent more core domain knowledge than those with the same experience but no certification.