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CompTIACasts bring together a podcast series hosted by our Research Team, Community members, and Industry Advisory Council members. Each series focuses on different trends, workforce issues, thought leadership and careers in technology. Enjoy CompTIA's insights from the comfort of your office or on the go! Listen to them today!

CompTIA Biz Tech PodcastCompTIA Biz Tech Podcast

The Biz Tech Podcast focuses on the business of technology and CompTIA corporate membership. Listen in as industry leaders from CompTIA communities and councils discuss challenges and opportunities, strategies for success, leading and emerging technologies, and what it all means for your customers and your business. Listen and subscribe here.


Sharkbytes podcast produced by PTISharkbytes podcast produced by PTI

Sharkbytes is brought to you by CompTIA’s Public Technology Institute. Listen in to Dr. Alan Shark’s interviews with city and county technology leaders from across the nation. The focus of the series is on technology leadership from emergency response, ever-evolving role of 5G networks, digital service delivery, citizen-facing communications, emerging tech, as well as future professional development requirements. Listen Here.


Technologist Talk

Technologist Talk is an award-winning podcast produced by Creating IT Futures, CompTIA’s tech workforce charity, featuring conversations with business leaders, workforce professionals and talent developers about shaping the careers of today’s and tomorrow’s technology workers.
Listen here.



Carolyn April and Seth Robinson from CompTIA's research team toss the latest topics back and forth, sometimes with the help of market data and sometimes with guest appearances. Volley focuses on technology, channel business and trends. Listen here