What IT Certifications Should I Get?

Which IT certifications will help you get the entry-level, intermediate or advanced job you want? CompTIA certifications are trusted by employers and help you prove that you’re ready for IT careers ranging from tech support to computer networking and cybersecurity.

Which IT Certification Should I GetWhether you want to get into IT from another sector or advance your career and increase your earning potential as an experienced IT professional, IT certifications can help you achieve your career goals. But you may be asking, which IT certification should I get?

  • If you’re just starting out, you’ll want to pursue IT certifications that acquaint you with how to maximize the use of computers and mobile technology in a business environment.
  • If you’re already working in a tech support or help desk role, certifications can take your expertise to the next level and qualify you for specialties like computer networking and cybersecurity jobs.
  • And if you want to move up the ladder to a senior-level cybersecurity position, certifications can give you an advantage on the job market.

Below are some IT certification options for the different stages of your IT career.

IT Certifications to Start Your Career

CompTIA IT Fundamentals (ITF+)

Ideal for students and professionals who don’t have prior IT experience. This certification is designed to get students and career changers up to speed on how computers, operating systems and networks function, providing the building blocks of IT.

Download the CompTIA ITF+ exam objectives to see what’s covered.

CompTIA A+

Your ticket to help desk and technical support jobs. CompTIA A+ shows you know how to troubleshoot common tech problems in corporate environments.

Jobs related to CompTIA A+: Help desk technician, technical support specialist

Learn how to get an IT job with CompTIA A+.

IT Certifications to Explore Specialties

CompTIA Network+

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Proves your knowledge about managing enterprise networks, solving networking issues, troubleshooting network devices and keeping tabs on network security.

Jobs related to CompTIA Network+: Network support specialist, network administrator, systems administrator, systems analyst, network engineer

Download the CompTIA Network+ exam objectives to see what’s covered.

CompTIA Security+

Great for tech support and computer networking professionals who want to get into cybersecurity. This certification proves you know how to secure networks, keep digital data confidential and ward off hackers. 

Jobs related to CompTIA Security+: Cybersecurity specialist, security administrator

Download the CompTIA Security+ exam objectives to see what’s covered.

IT Certifications for Experienced IT Pros

CompTIA Server+

Emphasizes the skills needed for advanced work and troubleshooting of server platforms. Virtualization, server security and storage are all focuses of CompTIA Server+.

Jobs related to CompTIA Server+: Systems engineer

Download the CompTIA Server+ exam objectives to see what’s covered.

CompTIA Linux+

CompTIA Linux+ validates the skills of IT pros supporting Linux systems. Cloud computing, cybersecurity, emerging tech and DevOps all use Linux, and getting CompTIA Linux+ shows that you have the skills hiring managers need for these roles.

Jobs related to CompTIA Linux+: Database administrator, data scientist, web administrator

Download the CompTIA Linux+ exam objectives to see what’s covered.

CompTIA Cloud+

With more than 90% of all companies having moved at least some work to the cloud, organizations need IT pros who can maintain and optimize cloud infrastructure services. CompTIA Cloud+ proves you have these important skills to help businesses efficiently and securely leverage cloud computing.

Jobs related to CompTIA Cloud+: Cloud engineer, business analyst (cloud computing)

Download the CompTIA Cloud+ exam objectives to see what’s covered.

CompTIA Cybersecurity Analyst (CySA+)

Proves you are a cybersecurity expert. This certification, shows you can use analytics to help prevent advanced cyber threats. The defensive cybersecurity skills covered by CompTIA CySA+ complement the offensive skills covered by CompTIA PenTest+.

Jobs related to CompTIA CySA+: Cybersecurity analyst, security operations center (SOC) analyst

Download the CompTIA CySA+ exam objectives to see what’s covered.

CompTIA PenTest+

CompTIA PenTest+ proves that you understand the nuances of penetration testing to prevent cyber threats. The offensive cybersecurity skills covered by CompTIA PenTest+ complement the defensive skills covered by CompTIA CySA+.

Jobs related to CompTIA PenTest+: Penetration tester, vulnerability analyst

Download the CompTIA PenTest+ exam objectives to see what’s covered.

CompTIA Advanced Security Practitioner (CASP+)

The most advanced cybersecurity credential from CompTIA, earning CASP+ demonstrates that you’re a cybersecurity expert, with specialized knowledge about encryption, mobile security and blockchain technology.

Jobs related to CASP+: Cybersecurity engineer, security architect

Download the CASP+ exam objectives to see what’s covered.

Whether you’re just starting your IT career or you’re looking to prove you have the skills needed for advanced roles, CompTIA certifications show employers that you have what it takes. To learn more about CompTIA certifications, start by downloading the exam objectives to see what’s covered. And once you select the certification that’s right for you, check out the official CompTIA study guide, in eBook or printed form, as well as the CompTIA CertMaster line of products to keep your studies focused and give you confidence as you head into your exam.

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