Be the Change with CompTIA’s Communities at ChannelCon


At a recent CompTIA Canadian IT Business Community meeting, David Barrett, strategy consultant from Solutions Network, quipped, “‘Why strategize? Because the world will not be the same tomorrow – get over it!’” Yes, the world changes, but for those brave enough to embrace this truth and plan, opportunities are endless. This is the theme of CompTIA ChannelCon, July 31 through August 2 in Austin, Texas: Be the Change. In a world where change is accelerating, it is vital to come together to exchange ideas, solve problems and interact with other industry leaders. Whether you are planning for the industry, your business or your career, ChannelCon and CompTIA’s communities offer the perfect venue to be the change.

On Monday, July 31, seven of CompTIA’s communities are meeting throughout the day to advance their initiatives and activities. In these working sessions, community members have an opportunity to get hands on and impact our industry for good. Here are a few highlights from the working meetings on Monday:

  • Participate in a joint Cloud and IT Security meeting on the role of the cloud service provider, the client and the channel in securing the cloud.
  • Join the official launch of CompTIA newest community, Advancing Diversity in Technology, and find out how you can engage for change.
  • Celebrate our 2017 ChannelChangers award winners in the Future Leaders meeting, and help drive an initiative bringing the great message of a career in tech to today’s youth.
  • Plan new strategy and initiatives in our IT Services and Support meeting and hear about new podcasts that can take your service delivery to the next level – all from the driver’s seat of your car!
  • Learn from Advancing Women in Technology about their current initiative (Women Tech Alliances), a new initiative (non-traditional award program for women in tech) and learning from each another on how to elevate women in technology.
  • Learn how to grow your business through an effective hiring strategies workshop at the Managed Services meeting.

New this year, our communities invite you to join our community forums track, where we will be discussing emerging and impactful topics, illuminating the future of the industry. These sessions are designed to deliver strong thought-leadership from our membership and provide maximum audience interaction, empowering you to be the change. Highlights from the new community forums track include:

Join us at ChannelCon in Austin, Texas, on July 31 through August 2 and boldly dare to be the change!

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