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  • Our IT Security community watches the security landscape to help you stay on top of the ever changing challenges and opportunities in IT security. Our mission is to help you protect your clients business as well as drive profitability and growth in your own.

We Have Your Back: Security Tech Tools

Are you wondering how to set yourself up as the “go to guy” for your clients when they have security concerns? Do you want to start adding security services as part of your solution stack? The executive council heard your concerns and created a series of videos to help answer these questions.

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IT Security Assessment Wizard

The IT Security Assessment Wizard walks you and your clients through security infrastructure questions to produce a comprehensive profile showing where they are today. Use this as a springboard for consulting and product sales. It’s a web-based, vendor-neutral tool with three sections that use a clear question and answer format. The resulting client profile includes existing hardware, policies and security tools, plus the risks and benefits of security tools they aren’t currently using.

Premier members can customize and brand the resulting profile, then download the results. Use this to help your clients create the path to a secure environment.

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Our current focus is to continue delivering content, tools and best practices to the IT Security Community and the industry.

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  • A Functional IT Framework: Powered by CompTIA Communities

    October 26, 2016 1:00 PM

    1pm CT / 2pm ET
    The IT landscape has become very complex, but, at a foundational level, IT operations still revolve around four primary areas; infrastructure, development, security and data. Join CompTIA’s Senior Director Seth Robinson as he shares insight garnered from series of qualitative interviews with end-users—from SMBs to large firms such as Datto, Amerijet and the City of Los Angeles. Everyone providing IT services – from CIO to team-lead to staff engineer to solution provider – can use this framework to understand the way that the four pillars of IT can be used to build business systems and create user experience for digital organizations.
    Powered by: ITSS, IT Security, Cloud

  • Honoring those who served through Apprenticeships: Powered by the Future Leaders Community

    November 10, 2016 1:00 PM

    1pm Ct / 2pm ET
    Please join us for CompTIA’s Veterans Day themed webinar as we explore apprenticeships and how they can allow your business to onboard some of the best talent you will ever find.