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  • We are developing new and sustainable approaches to help push the IT services industry forward. Our members come together in a forum to develop best practices and initiatives and build effective networking channels between IT services and thought leaders.

    Our community is also engaged in developing industry-specific education and tools. If you are active in the IT services and support field and want to make a difference, we’d love to hear from you and join our community.

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The ITSS community is dedicated to helping technical services remain relevant and profitable today and in the future. ITSS will be working with groups around CompTIA on tools that encourage people to consider technology as a career. The group will also be working to increase the collaboration between service providers and vendors in the delivery of warranty services.

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How can we encourage more people to learn about and enter Information Technology Careers? Invite them to take IT for a test –drive.

Career Videos: Encourage people to explore the IT industry with these day-in-the-life career videos.

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  • Using a PSA Tool in Your Business: Like Having a Front Tire on Your Bicycle Powered by: IT Services & Support and Managed Services Communities

    September 20, 2016

    12pm CT / 1pm ET
    A PSA (Professional Services Automation) tool is the steering system for any company or internal department delivering IT services.  A PSA tool is at the core of how you run and, more importantly, measure your business’s efficiency and profitability.  Join industry veteran, John Tippett as he walks you through the PSA functionality including: SLA compliance, time management, and report creation.  John will show how using a PSA tool drives new revenue and insures the delivery of outstanding customer experience.