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  • The Future Leaders community is founded with the idea of understanding and embracing the multi-generational workforce and building best practices. Our goals are to consider the different characteristics of this next generation of IT leaders and what that means to their careers. We want to provide guidance on how IT community members best display and consume information, as well as understand the IT needs and drivers of the community and what this means to the channel.

    We also want to help future leaders grow in their careers and provide guidance to others on how they can help future leaders grow a career in their business.

What We Do

  • Build best practices for understanding and embracing the multi-generational workforce by providing guidance on how companies should position themselves to best leverage the talent and skills from diverse generations.
  • Build programs to mentor future leaders to take on leadership positions as the baby boomers retire by providing opportunities for older generations to develop a deeper understanding of the needs and drivers for millennials as they grow in their careers.
  • Capture and communicate the IT needs of future leaders as a means of uncovering new IT opportunities to serve this generation.


The Future Leaders Community focuses on millennials, but is open to all. The community is building strong collaborative relationships with other IT communities to ensure its efforts are furthering the community’s mandate. Though the focus is on the future leaders in the IT channel, the community is open to general participation.

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Future Leaders Events

  • Personal Brand Matters: Powered by CompTIA Future Leaders Community

    September 27, 2016

    1pm CT / 2pm ET
    What makes a company? The people do. So why are you, and why are most organizations so reluctant to embrace personal branding, and all the perks that come with it? Whether you’re job seeking, or at the top of the executive ladder, your brand matters. Brittani Von Roden, CMO at CloudPlus and the Chair of the Future Leaders Community, will share her insights on personal branding:

    • • The importance of personal branding
    • • Individual and organizational benefits
    • • The good, the bad, and the ugly of your brand
    • • Examples of personal brand success
    • • Tips on how to get started building your brand

    Join us and discover just how easy and how applicable developing your brand is in today’s workplace.