How To Study for CompTIA DataSys+

Studying for the CompTIA DataSys+ exam is simple when you have a plan. Here are some essential tips for test-taking success.

How to Study for DataSys+ (1)When databases aren’t managed effectively, an organization is at risk of cybersecurity incidents, data loss, service downtime and workload malfunctions. Revenue loss and damage to a company’s brand are a couple other consequences of improperly managed databases.

In the post-pandemic business landscape, organizations are more in need than ever of workers who can manage their databases. A database administrator (DBA) is the best IT pro to fill this role.  

The database administrator role is inclusive of a variety of job titles, such as:

  • System database administrator
  • Application database administrator
  • Cloud database administrator
  • Performance database administrator
  • Database manager

The demand for database administrators is growing. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), employment of database administrators will increase 9% through 2031. This is faster than average for all occupations.

Employers are seeking IT talent that can oversee, maintain and protect the increasing quantity of data available to organizations. CompTIA DataSys+ verifies that IT pros with a database management background have the skills and abilities to perform these tasks and more.

What Is CompTIA DataSys+?

CompTIA DataSys+ is a foundational, vendor-neutral certification designed to qualify a beginner-to-intermediate data professional for the role of database administrator. It affirms that a data management professional has what it takes to deploy, manage and maintain database systems, as well as manage data across different vendor products.

IT pros who earn CompTIA DataSys+ prove they have the skills and knowledge to use scripting fundamentals and programming in a database environment while observing best practices for security and business continuity. The certification also validates their ability to collect, store, organize, protect and maintain data throughout its lifecycle.

CompTIA DataSys+ is the only certification that enables IT workers to develop and validate their data systems skills, regardless of the tools or vendors they are working with.

Why You Need CompTIA DataSys+

If you are a database professional wanting to land a database administrator role, a DBA who wants to validate their skill set or another type of IT pro seeking database management skills, you need CompTIA DataSys+. By earning this certification, you’ll prove to employers that you can identify database structure types; develop, modify and run code; and gather, store and drive data assets. You’ll also confirm your knowledge of:

  • The various aspects of database design and planning
  • The different phases of the implementation, testing and deployment of data
  • The purpose of monitoring and reporting database performance
  • Common database maintenance processes
  • The production of essential documentation
  • Best practices for backup and data restoration

CompTIA DataSys+ certified professionals demonstrate their ability to secure databases, protect against cyberattacks and control authorization. Moreover, they prove they can ensure governance and regulatory compliance.

Your Step-by-Step Study Plan for CompTIA DataSys+

With the right plan, studying for CompTIA DataSys+ doesn’t have to be complicated. Follow these simple steps to study for CompTIA DataSys+ like a pro:   

Step 1: Create Your Study Plan

Deciding to pursue CompTIA DataSys+ is exciting. It means you are dedicated to advancing your database management career. The next step is designing a study plan. To create a plan that will work best for you, take a look at the CompTIA training solutions available to you. Then, ask yourself a few questions:

Unsure about what topics to study for? No problem. Download the CompTIA DataSys+ exam objectives to discover exactly what to expect on the certification exam. The exam objectives are divided into weighted domains. The CompTIA DataSys+ certification exam domains, plus their weights, are:


Exam weights

Database fundamentals

Database deployment


Database management and maintenance
 Data and database security 23%
 Business continuity 12%

Step 2: Build Your Knowledge

When it comes to taking CompTIA certification exams, knowledge is power. Empower yourself to succeed on the CompTIA DataSys+ exam by building your knowledge of the material you’ll be tested on. CompTIA offers official training tools that make the journey to getting certified easier.   

CompTIA CertMaster Learn

Looking for an online, self-paced training tool that provides a lot of flexibility? Consider CompTIA CertMaster Learn. This product enables interactive learning through tools like flashcards and performance-based questions. It also includes videos that illustrate key concepts and processes, a learning plan that can be customized, self-assessments and learning progress analytics and reporting.

The Official CompTIA DataSys+ Study Guide

Another tool to help you prepare for your certification exam is the CompTIA DataSys+ Study Guide. It covers each exam objective extensively. The guide is an ideal training tool for those who prefer book learning over eLearning.  

CompTIA Live Online Training

CompTIA Live Online Training is perfect for individuals who enjoy learning from an instructor but don’t have time to drop everything and head to a physical classroom. This training option brings the classroom to your desktop, laptop or mobile device. With CompTIA Live Online Training, you’ll get the hands-on training, guided learning and instructor support you need to succeed.

CompTIA Live Online Training bundles come with CompTIA CertMaster Labs, CompTIA CertMaster Learn and CompTIA CertMaster Practice - everything you need to study for your exam.     

Step 3: Practice Your Skills and Get Hands-On Experience

Learning the information on the CompTIA DataSys+ exam is important. However, if you don’t know how to apply what you’ve learned, you aren’t ready to take your certification exam. What you need prior to sitting for your exam is hands-on practice. CompTIA CertMaster Labs provides this.

CompTIA CertMaster Labs gives candidates hands-on experience with real software and equipment. Using these tools, IT pros can put their learning to use and get the practice they need. A web browser is all that’s required to use CompTIA CertMaster Labs.

Step-by-step lab guides that align with the CompTIA DayaSys+ exam objectives are included with CompTIA CertMaster Labs. So are preconfigured exercises and browser-based virtual environments.

Step 4: Get Ready for Your Exam

The best way to ensure you are exam-ready is to take practice exams until you feel comfortable testing. CompTIA CertMaster Practice provides practice exams in simulated testing conditions. This training tool offers personalized feedback, real-time learning analytics and adaptive learning technology that helps fortify your knowledge before you take your official exam.

Being an online certification exam, knowledge assessment and exam preparation tool, CompTIA CertMaster Practice is a test-taker’s best friend. When used in the final stage of your learning plan, it will reinforce the knowledge you’ve worked diligently to attain.

No matter how hard you study, encountering knowledge gaps is inevitable. Don’t let knowledge gaps keep you from passing your CompTIA DataSys+ certification exam. CompTIA CertMaster Practice will help you identify and fill those gaps so you can test with total confidence.

Why Use CompTIA Training Products?

As you start devising your plan of attack for studying for your certification exam, you’ll notice there are a lot of unofficial learning resources for CompTIA certifications out there. Here’s why you should choose official CompTIA training products over others:

  • CompTIA training products take a multi-faceted approach to learning. This drives knowledge retention and ensures learners get the most for their money.
  • CompTIA training products follow exam objectives exactly. This means you can be sure that you’re studying the right information and will be well prepared for your exam.
  • CompTIA training products allow you to discover how it feels to take an exam. They help you work through test-taking anxiety through exposure to simulated testing environments, so you’re calm on exam day.

Also, CompTIA training products are designed to work together. Using them will spare you the stress of patching together a training program from unofficial sources. Make sure the information you’re studying is what you’ll see on your exam by choosing CompTIA training products.

Ready To Get CompTIA DataSys+ Certified?

Getting CompTIA certified is a big decision. CompTIA certifications are an investment, but they are worth it. Ninety-one percent of employers say IT certifications play a vital role in the hiring process and are predictive of a successful worker. Also, certifications can be pivotal in getting a job, being promoted and making more money.  

Having CompTIA DataSys+ could make the difference between you landing a job as a database administrator or a similar role (and earning an average annual salary of $96,710, per the BLS) or getting passed over for a certified IT pro. Give yourself a competitive edge with CompTIA DataSys+.  

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Learn the skills you need to pass your CompTIA DataSys+ certification exam with CompTIA CertMaster Learn + Labs. Sign up for a free trial today!  

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