The New CompTIA Project+: Your Questions Answered

With the launch of the new CompTIA Project+ came many questions, so we’ve set out to answer them here.
Project+ Your Questions Answered

With the launch of the new CompTIA Project+ came many questions, so we’ve set out to answer them here. Keep reading to learn more about CompTIA Project+ (PK0-005), which launched on November 8, 2022, and post any additional questions in the comments to keep the conversation going.

Why Is There a New Version of CompTIA Project+?

CompTIA Project+ was updated to ensure that skills are relevant and up to date on the latest methods and technologies to meet the needs of the industry and ensure that IT pros have the project management skills necessary for any job they choose. Like its predecessor, CompTIA Project+ (PK0-005) still provides the essential baseline knowledge and skills required of project management professionals.

What's on the New CompTIA Project+ Exam?

CompTIA Project+ (PK0-005) is ideal for IT professionals looking to learn hands-on, entry-level project management skills. CompTIA Project+ is more versatile than other certifications because it covers essential project management concepts beyond the scope of just one methodology or framework. CompTIA Project+ gives IT pros the basic concepts to successfully manage small- to medium-sized projects.

In addition to topics you might traditionally associate with project management, the new version of CompTIA Project+ emphasizes the skills needed to manage smaller, less complex projects and ensures the candidate has the knowledge and skills required to:

• Manage the project lifecycle

• Coordinate small- to medium-size projects

• Establish an appropriate communication plan while managing resources and stakeholders and maintaining project documentation

• Support the completion of larger projects within an IT environment

Download the exam objectives to find out everything that’s covered.

What Types of Questions Are on the CompTIA Project+ Exam?

The CompTIA Project+ exam covers a total of four domains.


Exam Weights

Project Management Concepts


Project Lifecycle Phases


Tools and Documentation


Basics of IT and Governance


Why Should I Choose CompTIA Project+ Over Other Certifications?

CompTIA Project+ is a vendor-neutral and performance certification.

A vendor-neutral exam means that each exam covers multiple technologies and methods, without confining the candidate to any single one. Vendor-neutrality is important because it ensures IT professionals can perform important job tasks in any environment. IT professionals with vendor-neutral certifications can consider multiple solutions in their approach to problem-solving, making them more flexible and adaptable than those with training in just one methodology.

CompTIA performance certifications validate the skills associated with a particular job or responsibility. They include simulations that require the test taker to demonstrate multi-step knowledge to complete a task.

How Much Does CompTIA Project+ Cost?

The retail price for the new CompTIA Project+ (PK0-005) is $369 USD (as of February 1, 2024) per exam. Keep reading to learn more about bundles, which can save you money.

Read about additional ways to save money on your IT certification.

How Can I Train and Prepare for CompTIA Project+?

Start by downloading the exam objectives and practice tests to understand what topics are covered and get examples of questions you might see.

CompTIA also offers a full suite of training solutions:

  • eLearning: New to this version of CompTIA Project+, CompTIA CertMaster Learn is a comprehensive eLearning solution that offers 40+ hours of engaging content with 15 lessons, including interactive performance-based questions. The platform includes narrative instruction, visual aids, videos, games, flashcards and more, designed to help you learn in an engaging and flexible way. A personalized dashboard and countdown calendar help you track your progress and keep you on pace for your scheduled exam.
  • Hands-on skills practice: Also new to this version of CompTIA Project+, CompTIA CertMaster Labs provides you with the platform to gain critical hands-on experience. The labs within each course are independent of each other and can be used in any order. When integrated with CertMaster Learn, CompTIA CertMaster Labs are displayed as Study Tasks within the CertMaster Learn Learning Plan. As a result, learners experience both knowledge acquisition and hands-on skills development through a single login and seamless workflow. Learn more about the integrated CertMaster Learn + Labs.
  • Exam prep and practice tests: CompTIA CertMaster Practice is a knowledge assessment and certification training companion that determines what you have already mastered and what you still need to learn to improve your confidence before taking the exam. The system tailors feedback to help you build knowledge in your weaker areas, keeping you engaged and focused throughout your study session.
  • Books: The Official Study Guides for CompTIA Project+, offered in both print and digital form, help you learn and master the material covered by CompTIA Project+. It’s flexible so you can learn at your own pace and focus on exam success.

All CompTIA training solutions are available for purchase from the CompTIA Store.

How Much Time Will I Need To Prepare for CompTIA Project+?

How much time you’ll need to prepare for your CompTIA Project+ certification exam depends on your background and prior IT experience or knowledge. Although there are no prerequisites to taking the CompTIA Project+ exam, we recommend at least 6-12 months of hands-on experience managing projects in an IT environment.

If you have no prior project management experience, you’ll want to allot additional study time to learn the skills covered on the exam. You can do this on the job, on your own or with a tool like CompTIA CertMaster Labs.

If you already have project management experience, you may not need as much time to prepare as someone who has less experience.

Download the exam objectives to see what you already know and what you might need to work on.

Can You Tell Me More About the CompTIA Project+ Bundles?

CompTIA Project+ bundle options include a combination of training materials, class vouchers and retake vouchers, depending on which bundle you select. This is a great way to save money while having access to all the resources you need to pass your exam.

Can I Still Take CompTIA Project+ (PK0-004)?

Yes, you have until May 9, 2023 to take the CompTIA Project+ (PK0-004) exam before it retires.

I've Been Studying for CompTIA Project+ (PK0-004). Should I Switch Gears and Study for the PK0-005 Version Instead?

The new version of CompTIA Project+ will still be available until May 9, 2023, so it’s up to you. Download the new exam objectives and compare them to what you’re already studying to see which version best meets your needs.

I Bought a Voucher for CompTIA Project+ (PK0-004) But Have Not Used It Yet: Can I Use It for the New Version?

Yes, you can use your voucher for any CompTIA Project+ exam.

How Long Is CompTIA Project+ Good for and How Can It Be Renewed?

The CompTIA Project+ certification is considered good for life and does not need to be renewed.

What Jobs Can I Get With CompTIA Project+?

In the past, CompTIA Project+ has verified the skills necessary for jobs like junior project manager, project coordinator, quality assurance analyst, business analyst, systems administrator and more. One of the benefits of taking the new CompTIA Project+ is that it is aligned to the latest trends and techniques in IT project management. 

Ready to Buy CompTIA Project+?

Once you’ve decided that CompTIA Project+ is right for you, head on over to the CompTIA Store to purchase your voucher and training solutions – or bundle them for a discount!

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