Your Next Move: Quality Assurance Analyst

If you have a knack for problem-solving and want to develop and execute software test plans, then quality assurance analyst could be your next move.

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When it comes to working within an organization, we always need that one person who will maintain and evaluate projects or scenarios. In this case, that person is a quality assurance (QA) analyst. This job role is among the many project management jobs that help an organization stay on top of things. If you have a knack for problem-solving and want to develop and execute software test plans, then quality assurance analyst could be your next move.

What Is a Quality Assurance (QA) Analyst?

A quality assurance analyst completes detailed and important tasks throughout their workday. Here are a few ways they support an organization:

  • Create test plans, scenarios and procedures for new software
  • Identify project risks and recommend steps to minimize those risks
  • Implement software testing, using either manual or automated programs and exploratory testing, and evaluate results
  • Document and report defects or problems with software

The role of a QA analyst is to essentially develop and execute software test plans in order to identify software problems and their causes. Although it sounds technical, this role typically does not require coding experience. Tech occupation employment for QA analysts over the next 10 years is expected to grow at about twice the rate of overall employment across the U.S. economy. Furthermore, software developers and QA analysts are among the top 3 tech occupation categories projected to grow much faster, at about 215% above the national rate.

How To Become a Quality Assurance Analyst

The majority of job postings for a QA analysts require a high school diploma, vocational training or a bachelor’s degree in computer and information technology or a related field. Job postings also describe the ideal candidate as having 0-5 years of experience. A few important qualities include:

  • Analytical skills
  • Communication skills
  • Creativity
  • Detail oriented
  • Interpersonal skills
  • Problem-solving skills

In addition to credentials and important qualities, quality assurance analysts need a specific skill set and experience. A few of these skills may include:

Having a background in both business and technology is often seen as a plus, as it can help a quality assurance analyst better assess how the organization operates or how to select and implement new test plans. Certifications like CompTIA A+, CompTIA Network+, CompTIA Security+ and CompTIA Cloud Essentials+ can help you understand more about implementing and executing technology solutions in the workplace. Check out the CompTIA Career Roadmap to see what other certifications can help you become a quality assurance analyst.

In addition to certifications, CompTIA offers a full suite of training products to help you learn the skills needed to become a quality assurance analyst.

If you’re ready to start learning now, CompTIA Project+ (PK0-004) training includes the following:

In November 2022, CompTIA will launch a new version of CompTIA Project+ (PK0-005), along with a full suite of training products:

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The Details

Quality Assurance Analyst Salary Range

According to Lightcast, the median advertised salary for a quality assurance analyst is $98,000 as of 2021. This is 115% higher than the median national wage in the United States. Although, many factors do influence wages including location, job-level, industry sector, employer size, specialty skills, years of experience and more.

10th Percentile

25th Percentile

50th Percentile

75th Percentile

90th Percentile






Quality Assurance Analyst Jobs

During the 12-month period ending July 2022, there were nearly 22,000 job postings for open QA analyst positions. About 3 in 10 (or more than one-quarter) were remote or partially remote (hybrid) positions.

The number of jobs for QA analysts continues to grow, with 5,000+ more postings (an increase of 30%) compared to the prior 12-month period. But even before then, there were 21,400+ job postings in 2019 and 17,200 in 2017.

A few employers currently holding multiple job postings for QA analysts include DirectTV Incorporated, Pearson, UnitedHealth Group, Humana and Avi Web Solutions.

Job Titles Related to Quality Assurance Analyst

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