What is CompTIA Tech+?

Discover how Tech+, CompTIA’s latest courseware and certification, can empower your students with a solid foundation in the booming world of tech.

What Is Tech+If you are an educator, then your students are facing a fast-changing employment landscape. Traditional job roles are evolving or becoming obsolete, and new industries seem to be popping up everywhere. It’s difficult to know which career path is a safe bet.  

Despite all this, one industry which continues to thrive is tech. There is a huge demand for those who are trained and certified to claim fulfilling and financially rewarding tech careers. Roles with tons of room for career growth and progression. Students just need a place to get started. 

The CompTIA Tech+ courseware and certification will give your students the foundational knowledge and hands-on skills they need to kick off their career. It’s the only training and certification that covers all areas of tech foundations which makes it ideal for non-tech professionals. And, if tech doesn’t feel right for them, it will help them decide that too. Tech+ is designed to help students determine if they have a competency for tech and if it’s the right career path for them. 

With a certification in Tech+, students will validate their technical abilities, while becoming stronger candidates in the job market. They’ll demonstrate their readiness to take on challenging technical roles with confidence and raise their potential in the world of tech. 

What Tech+ will help you teach your students

Tech+ will help you give your students a solid foundation in tech fundamentals with hands-on simulations. They’ll master tasks like setting up a computer and securing a small wireless network. Plus, the course introduces emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence, robotics, quantum computing and more. 

Here’s a breakdown of what they’ll learn: 

  • Infrastructure: They’ll gain the knowledge to manage devices and networks securely. 

  • Applications and software: They’ll understand the workings of software applications and operating systems. 

  • Security: They’ll gain insights into safeguarding digital information and ensuring privacy and data protection. 

  • And then, the next level: Once they finish, they’ll be able to pursue more advanced certification pathways, such as CompTIA A+ 

What your Tech+ course can look like 

The CompTIA Tech+ training curriculum includes cutting-edge technologies and industry developments, preparing students in areas like software development, database management and artificial intelligence. It’s accessible on Chromebook, Mac, and PC. 

Here’s a breakdown of the coursework for students: 

  • Interactive modules and video lessons with read-along scripts 

  • End-of-section quizzes and self-remediation tools 

  • Fact sheets and certification practice exam materials 

  • Access to interactive labs for hands-on learning 

  • Timeline mapping for course objectives 

  • And much more 

Here’s a breakdown of the curriculum for instructors: 

  • Comprehensive teacher training and lesson plans 

  • PowerPoint slides and LMS integration 

  • Custom quiz builder and reporting tools 

  • Aligns to state standards and other certifications 

  • Timeline Mapping for course objectives 

  • Custom quiz builder 

  • Custom Reporting 

What the Tech+ exam looks like

  • Modernized material: All of the content has been developed to reflect current IT standards 

  • Comprehensive skills and knowledge: The content aligns with the comprehensive skills and knowledge necessary for navigating today’s tech industry 

  • Emphasis on security: There will be a strong focus on protecting digital assets, a critical skill set in today's cybersecurity-conscious environment 

Why your students should learn tech 

IT pays more 

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average annual salary for an IT pro in 2023 is $104,420 — double the median annual wage for all occupations.  

IT is booming  

Careers in tech are growing at almost twice the national rate. With a Tech+ certification, your students will be on their way to a job market with plenty of options.  

IT is everywhere  

Your students may have an opportunity to work in various industries with the best companies in the world. There are options for those with tech training and certifications. 

CompTIA Tech+ teaches skills related to these level 1 tech jobs 

IT Support Specialist: Provides basic support and troubleshooting for IT systems and end-users, often as a first point of contact. 

Help Desk Technician: Assists with the day-to-day technical issues of users, including software and hardware problems, and guiding them through basic steps to resolve issues. 

Computer Technician: Installs, maintains, and repairs computer hardware and software, and ensures the smooth operation of IT equipment. 

Data Entry Technician: Manages and enters data into databases, ensuring accuracy and integrity of the data. 

Technical Sales Associate: Assists in the sale of technical products and services, providing basic product knowledge and support to customers. 

Field Service Technician: Performs on-site installation, maintenance, and repair of IT and telecommunications equipment. 

IT Operations Assistant: Supports the daily operations of an IT department, including monitoring systems, managing backups, and maintaining documentation. 

Desktop Support Analyst: Addresses issues related to desktop computers, applications, and related technology, including system configurations and updates. 

Customer Support Representative: Handles customer inquiries and issues related to technology products or services, often through call centers or online support platforms. 

Junior System Administrator: Assists with the maintenance and administration of IT systems and networks under the supervision of a senior administrator. 

Who Is CompTIA? 

CompTIA (The Computing Technology Industry Association) is the leading provider of vendor-neutral IT certifications in the world. With more than 2 million IT certifications issued worldwide, CompTIA is dedicated to helping IT professionals lead the charge in our digitally connected world. Our certifications have been created by experienced professionals working in the fields covered.  


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