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CompTIA Product Manager

Teresa Sears guides the development of CompTIA’s portfolio of IT skills certifications. She led the latest refresh of the CompTIA A+ skills standard and the introduction of CompTIA career pathways.

  • 4 Keys to Successful Cloud Deployments

    Feb 9, 2018, 19:48 PM by Teresa Sears
    A sure way to prompt eye rolls in a room full of IT professionals is to mention the phrase cloud computing. This knee-jerk cynicism aside, cloud models continue to transform the delivery of IT services despite our collective exhaustion over the catchphrases we use to describe them.
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  • Introducing the CompTIA Infrastructure Career Pathway

    Feb 5, 2018, 14:53 PM by Teresa Sears
    Infrastructure is the bedrock of IT operations. Security, mobility, agility and resiliency all depend on a solid network architecture. The CompTIA Infrastructure Career Pathway aligns CompTIA certifications with the skillsets needed by today's IT pros to support and manage IT infrastructure.
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  • Introducing CompTIA Stackable Certifications

    Jan 19, 2018, 12:21 PM by Teresa Sears
    From badging and micro-credentials to nanodegrees and e-portfolios, plenty of ink has been spilled on the idea of stackable credentials, a catchphrase that refers to a sequence of credentials earned over time to build up an individual’s qualifications.
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  • That Was Then, This Is Cloud: The Evolution of CompTIA Cloud+

    Jul 26, 2017, 13:45 PM by Teresa Sears
    When CompTIA Cloud+ first launched, many organizations were trying to build out cloud-based infrastructure as a service (IaaS) offerings. But the market has changed. Many organizations now depend on cloud-based technologies to run mission-critical systems, and hybrid and multi-cloud environments have become the norm.
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  • 5 Things You Didn’t Know About CompTIA A+

    May 17, 2017, 16:49 PM by Teresa Sears
    If you took an earlier version of CompTIA A+ or have heard about it from people who did, you may be surprised to learn everything that it now covers. Here are five things you may not know about CompTIA A+ that help IT pros gain a foundational knowledge to launch their careers.
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  • The New CompTIA A+ Meets IT Workforce Needs

    Jan 4, 2016, 20:11 PM by Teresa Sears
    When the first version of CompTIA A+ launched, it represented a stamp of approval on a set of skills desperately needed in the IT workforce. Since then, A+ has grown to become the de-facto industry standard for new and aspiring IT technical support professionals. The ninth update to A+ reflects the rapid pace of change in the IT industry and the current skill-sets needed to support those changes.
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  • Tracing the Evolution of Education Technology

    Mar 18, 2013, 21:45 PM by Teresa Sears
    “Books will soon be obsolete in schools.”This may sound like a breathless pronouncement made by an over-caffeinated education tech blogger, but the prediction dates back to 1913 and is attributed to Thomas Edison, who believed motion pictures would replace textbooks as the single source of authority in public education.While motion pictures did not provide a death knell to the textbook, video did emerge as a powerful resource for learners looking to acquire new information. In much the same way, ...
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