IT Career and Job Opportunities for January 2023

Employment in the United States technology sector continues to prove to be a great career path for IT professionals breaking into the industry.

Two IT pro teammates working in a server room.Employer job postings for tech positions increased from 246,584 in December to 268,898 in January, kicking off the new year strong. Industries with the largest number of openings included professional, scientific and technical services (40,712), finance and insurance (30,576) and manufacturing (24,269).

Each month at CompTIA, our research team provides a snapshot of the current state of IT industry employment with our Tech Jobs Report. Read on as we slice and dice this report into bite size pieces for you to digest depending on what is most beneficial to your IT career.

IT Job Opportunities

Opportunities for IT job roles are out there, but are more common in certain locations, industries and for particular job titles.

Job Postings by Location

Do you live in one of these tech towns or thinking of relocating? Tech job postings have grown most in these five metro areas since the previous month:

  • Atlanta: +2,941
  • New York City: +2,935
  • Dallas: +1,788
  • Houston: +1,156
  • Austin: +1,086


Job Postings by Industry

If you’re looking to try out tech in a new field, these industries are where most new jobs are being posted:

  • Professional, Scientific, and Technical Services:40,712
  • Finance and Insurance:30,576
  • Manufacturing: 24,269
  • Information:12,455
  • Public Administration: 11,331
  • Health Care and Social Assistance:8,397
  • Educational Services: 6,968
  • Retail Trade: 5,384


Job Postings by Title

Depending on what job role you desire, the demand for IT pros varies. These are the top job titles posted from last month. Pro tip: each of the following links to tips on the skills and certifications you need to work in that job role!


Remote Job Postings by Title

Remote work and work from home opportunities continue to be an option for many open tech positions. These are some of the top remote job titles posted from last month. Pro tip: each of the following links to tips on the skills and certifications you need to work in that job role!

Dec 2022 Remote Job Postings by Title

IT Career Salaries

Tech salaries are competitive, and IT jobs offer great stability in the current job market. 

All IT Occupations



10th Percentile



25th Percentile



50th Percentile



75th Percentile



90th Percentile




The median salaries of these particular job titles have essentially stayed the same, with some slight variances amongst job titles.



Want to know what type of salary you can expect to receive in a particular IT job? Use the CompTIA IT Salary Calculator to see IT salaries in your area and know your worth when searching for new opportunities.

Check back each month for updated job posting and salary data to help you track your next move. In the meantime, upgrade your IT skills and discover how to save on your IT certifications and training today!

The data represented here is CompTIA analysis of Lightcast data and data from the US Bureau of Labor Statistics. Because monthly job posting data may be subject to higher levels of volatility and revisions, CompTIA recommends caution in using monthly data without proper context. See the methodology of the CompTIA Tech Jobs Report for more details.

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