Why You Should Add CompTIA DataSys+ to Your Program Offerings

CompTIA partners should add CompTIA DataSys+ to their program offerings. Here are a few reasons why.

Why You Should Add CompTIA DataSys+ to Your Program OfferingsDid you know that by offering CompTIA DataSys+ as part of your curriculum as a CompTIA partner, you can upskill learners and help meet the industry demand for new data professionals? Not only that, but you can also differentiate your organization from the competition by adding this highly relevant certification to your current program offerings. 

The Industry Demand for Data Professionals and Data Skills Is Growing

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), the overall employment of database administrators and database architects has a projected growth rate of 8% through 2032. This is faster than average and 35% above the national rate for all occupations. There is a reason for this: Companies are constantly acquiring data. As a result, the demand for IT pros who can manage and secure those assets is on the rise.

In addition to data professionals like database administrators, the need for data-related skills in general is growing. According to The New CompTIA DataSys+: Your Questions Answered, from June 2022 to June 2023, U.S. employers listed over 2.1 million jobs that sought candidates with database-related skills. Many different IT pros – not necessarily only those working in a database role – can benefit from possessing data skills and with them could help companies better manage and leverage data. 

Meeting the industry demand for data professionals and data skills is by no means easy. But by giving learners the option to earn CompTIA DataSys+, CompTIA partners can become part of the solution to the shortage of IT pros who can build, support and secure growing data systems.  

Everything You Need to Know About the CompTIA DataSys+ Certification

CompTIA DataSys+ is a foundational-level data management certification that centers on the planning, management and deployment of databases. It is an exciting addition to the CompTIA certification lineup because it helps certified database administrators confirm the skill set they need to be successful and advance their careers.

CompTIA DataSys+ is the only vendor-neutral database certification on the market. Those who earn it develop and validate their database administrator skills, regardless of vendor tools, making them more employable. 

The skills and knowledge areas covered by this certification include:

  • Database fundamentals: Understand database structure types while developing, modifying and running structured query language (SQL) code, providing the groundwork to gather, store and drive data assets on any operating system.
  • Data and database security: Secure databases, protect against attacks and control authorization while ensuring governance and regulatory compliance.
  • Database deployment: Compare and contrast the different aspects of database design and planning and explain the various phases of the implementation, testing, deployment and optimization of collected data.
  • Business continuity: Prepare for and recover from incidents by implementing best practices for disaster recovery, backup and restoration of database management systems.
  • Database management and maintenance: Learn the purpose of monitoring and reporting database performance, explain common database maintenance processes and produce critical documentation.

CompTIA DataSys+ is ideal for beginner to intermediate data professionals who want to land a data management job or advance their career as a database administrator or a related role such as database designer, database manager, database developer or database specialist.

An example of an ideal candidate for CompTIA DataSys+ is someone with strong analytical skills who likes working with data and ensuring its accuracy and integrity. Two to three years of hands-on experience in a database administrator role is recommended.

Boost Learner Employability and Enhance Existing Certification Pathways With CompTIA DataSys+

CompTIA DataSys+ can complement certification pathways that ultimately qualify learners for a job in or related to data management. This ensures CompTIA partners can provide a more comprehensive IT training experience and help learners land and advance in these in-demand data roles. IT pros who want to upskill by acquiring data skills could also benefit from having CompTIA DataSys+ added to their personalized learning pathway.

Any IT pro who wants to transition to a data management position would benefit from CompTIA DataSys+ as it makes them more valuable to employers. When hiring managers see that a candidate has this designation, they will be assured the individual is dedicated to remaining current with industry trends and attending to the needs of an organization. Moreover, data management skills are transferrable across a variety of sectors and job roles, and transferrable skills are always in-demand and sought after by employers.

Earning CompTIA DataSys+ not only makes data professionals more employable, but it also helps them earn generous wages. The BLS cites an average annual salary of $112,120 for database administrators and database architects.

Data professionals who earn CompTIA DataSys+ prove to employers that they have the skills to deploy, manage and maintain data systems in a secure environment. Because these skills are in-demand, so is any IT pro who is proficient in them. Likewise, any training organization that offers vendor-neutral certifications that validate these skills will become more in-demand with learners.

Differentiate Yourself From Competitors by Offering CompTIA DataSys+          

Adding CompTIA DataSys+ to current certification offerings doesn’t just benefit learners, but also CompTIA partners. Offering the latest certifications that supply the most sought-after skills helps partners set themselves apart from competitors.

Organizational needs are evolving. Every organization needs its data to be available, accurate, consistent and secure. Employees who are qualified to collect, store, organize, protect and maintain data throughout its lifecycle can ensure these needs are met.

Organizations also need staff with data skills, who can work with IT teams that manage data. CompTIA DataSys+ is a ticket to a database administrator or related role for early-career data management professionals whose tasks include supporting data-driven business decision-making.

By adding CompTIA DataSys+ to their IT curriculum, CompTIA partners can help meet the market demand for data professionals who can attend to the data-related needs of organizations across all industries. Additionally, they can make their learners more employable, expand and enhance IT learning pathways and establish themselves as innovative IT training organizations that offer learning options inclusive of the most current database administration best practices and concepts. Draw new learners and grow your organization by adding CompTIA DataSys+ to your training offerings.

Why Your IT Training Organization Should Partner With CompTIA

If you’re not already a CompTIA partner, your training organization is missing out on a great opportunity. CompTIA partners unlock potential for meaningful careers through teaching CompTIA certifications. They change lives, narrow the IT skills gap and advance the IT industry. These organizations also receive exclusive benefits through their partnership with CompTIA, including:

  • Discounts on CompTIA learning tools and exam vouchers
  • Advanced details on certification launches and updates
  • Sales enablement content and promotional resources
  • Use of the CompTIA partner, corporate and certification logos
  • Certification exam objectives, certification roadmaps and product calendars
  • Access to CompTIA videos, infographics and webinars
  • Access to the IT community through conferences, events and the CompTIA Instructor Network Community (CIN)

Interested in learning more? Discover everything you need to know about becoming a CompTIA Authorized Partner.

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