Video: Why Get IT Certified? A CompTIA A+ Certification Story

Building a solid skill set in IT may help you become more competent in a non-technical role. CompTIA intern Pranita Sarangabany learned this firsthand and decided to set herself up for career success by pursuing an IT certification.

Automation, internet of things (IoT), virtual reality and cloud technology are placing a demand on professionals from all industries (not just IT employees) to rapidly acquire tech skills. Building a solid skill set in IT can make just about anyone more competent in his or her desired field. CompTIA intern Pranita Sarangabany learned this firsthand and decided to set herself up for career success by pursuing an IT certification.

Why Pursue CompTIA Certifications?

Pranita never thought she would seek CompTIA certifications. However, interning for CompTIA helped her understand that a basic IT skill set would contribute to her success in any industry, including cybersecurity law, her field of choice. With this knowledge, she set out on a journey to obtain the CompTIA A+ certification.  

Pranita filmed a video series about her journey. In it, she answers the question “Why get IT certified?” and explains how she prepared for her exam using official CompTIA A+ test prep materials.

IT Certifications Benefit Professionals Across All Industries

Working for CompTIA has helped Pranita understand why professionals from all walks of life need information technology skills. Aside from helping her lay a foundation for a career in cybersecurity law, Pranita is aware of other non-technical jobs that require IT skills. Some of her peers in non-IT fields educated her about their needs for tech skills.

These professionals include:

  • Educators: Educators are finding IT skills to be a necessity as schools push teachers to begin relaying technological concepts to children at a young age.
  • Environmental studies pros: These individuals must quickly attain tech skills partly due to IoT devices, which are being used to track environmental trends, like deforestation.

Individuals across all professions need tech skills and should ask themselves, “Why become IT certified?” The answer, according to the Digital Marketing Institute, is that building an IT skill set offers the following benefits:

  • Enhances your efficiency and productivity in the workplace
  • Gives you the ability to automate your workload
  • Sets you apart from your peers by providing an undeniable competitive advantage
  • Can redirect you to a new career
  • Ensures you have a place in an ever-evolving workforce, regardless of your industry

So, how does a non-technical professional begin to develop IT skills?

What Is the CompTIA A+ Certification and Why Is It Important?

The CompTIA A+ certification is an industry-recognized certification that helps people jump start IT careers or gain tech skills needed for non-IT roles.

Not only does it supply the tech skills necessary in every industry, but a CompTIA A+ certification opens the door to a career in IT, giving individuals the credentials they need to land an information technology job right out of the gate.

Is an IT Certification Right For You?

Becoming IT certified is paramount for the IT pro and very helpful for the non-IT population. Employees across all industries and positions may soon start to consider seeking a professional IT certification, just as Pranita did.

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