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Many people find IT certification exams intimidating. With the right preparation and test prep materials, even individuals with no information technology experience can set themselves up for IT certification test success.

Most people find IT certification exams intimidating. This is especially true for those with no background in information technology or who don’t already have solid tech skills. And being unfamiliar with virtual environments can add to the stress of taking a high-stakes IT certification test like those offered by CompTIA. However, with the right preparation and test prep materials, even individuals with no IT experience will have a good shot at doing well on an entry-level certification test like CompTIA A+.

Pranita, the CompTIA intern working toward her A+ certification, understands the anxieties that surround getting ready for an IT certification exam. She prepared for the performance-based questions that would be on her exam in specific ways to build confidence and solidify her knowledge.

3 Ways to Prepare for Performance-Based IT Certification Exam Questions

There are two types of questions on exams for CompTIA certifications: performance based and multiple choice. For Pranita, as well as other test takers, the performance-based CompTIA A+ exam questions are a bit scarier than the multiple-choice questions because they require a demonstration of hands-on skills. Here are three strategies she used to increase her chances of acing the performance-based questions:

1. Use CompTIA’s practice test questions – On the CompTIA website, there are practice test questions designed for those preparing for the A+ certification, as well as for other CompTIA certifications. Pranita found this resource to be enormously helpful when getting ready to take her exam. Answering the sample questions gave her a feel for what it would be like to work in a virtual environment, and it let her know what she could expect on her certification tests.

2. Watch IT training videos online – Once she got her footing with the CompTIA practice test questions, Pranita turned to YouTube for additional IT training resources created by those who had already taken the CompTIA A+ certification exams. While watching videos that demonstrated individuals clicking through A+ scenarios, she took notes to promote knowledge retention and increase her test-readiness.

3. Get hands-on practice – During her A+ test prep process, Pranita gained hands-on skills with CompTIA CertMaster Labs, an online, virtual lab environment. It allowed her to practice the processes and concepts she’d need to understand before taking her exam.  

The Key to Acing Performance-Based Certification Test Questions

Pranita’s plan for her exam day is to tackle the multiple-choice questions first and leave the performance-based questions until the end of the test. She explained that on exams for CompTIA certifications, learners can flag questions that they want to review before submitting them.

Because she had no tech skills or experience in IT, Pranita never thought she would pursue CompTIA certifications, yet she is nearly at the end of her A+ certification journey.

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