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CompTIA CertMaster Practice has proven to be an invaluable A+ test prep tool for Pranita, the CompTIA intern looking to get IT certified. This tool showed her the exact areas she needed to work on before taking her first CompTIA A+ certification exam.


Earning an IT certification is a big accomplishment. To pass a professional information technology certification exam, you’ll need to spend a significant amount of time studying. At some point in the test-prep process, you will begin transitioning from merely learning the concepts of your certification to doing actual exam preparation. This transition means you are getting close to reaching your goal of becoming IT certified.

The closer you get to your IT certification exam date, the easier it is to become stressed. Pranita, the CompTIA intern looking to get a CompTIA A+ certification, eased her jitters during this transitional time by increasing her A+ exam knowledge via CompTIA CertMaster Practice.

What Is CompTIA CertMaster Practice?

CertMaster Practice is an intuitive online training tool that prepares individuals to take CompTIA certification exams.

This knowledge assessment and certification training companion tool offers the following benefits:

  • Increased knowledge retention
  • Greater sense of confidence before testing
  • Reinforcement of what learners already know
  • Easier renewal of CompTIA certifications
  • Unlimited exam practice
  • Engagement with CertMaster Learn and CertMaster Labs content
  • The ability to learn on your own time

This tool can be accessed anywhere, at anytime and on any device with an internet connection and web browser. With CertMaster Practice, Pranita was able to find the gaps in her knowledge of CompTIA A+ concepts and strengthen her weaknesses before taking her first exam.

CertMaster Practice: An Invaluable CompTIA A+ Test Prep Tool

CompTIA CertMaster Practice proved itself to be an irreplaceable CompTIA A+ test prep tool for Pranita, especially during the part of the exam prep process nearer to her test date.

“When it comes down to exam time, CertMaster Practice is going to be your best friend. The first time you go through it, it tracks the questions that you get wrong and need more assistance with and marks the ones that you get right,” Pranita said. “There's a feature on CertMaster Practice called Smart Refresh that enables you to go back and really drill down into the things you need help with instead of going through everything all over again and reviewing the concepts you already have a handle on.”

In addition to using CertMaster Practice, implementing a flashcard-based learning system was very helpful for Pranita as her exam date drew nearer.  

Using Flashcards for Exam Prep

It’s common for IT learners to study by taking notes and using mnemonic devices to recall information. But as you get close to the end of your test-prep process, it could be helpful to do as Pranita did and implement a flashcard-based learning system.

To do this, simply pull out all the notes you’ve taken over the past few weeks of study and move them onto flashcards. To save paper, Pranita used online flashcards. This is also a great way to keep all your notes stored in a single online location.   

Learn more about how CompTIA CertMaster can help you prepare for your certification exam.

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