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  • Featured Subject Matter Expert: Tenette Prevatte

    Oct 28, 2013, 15:32 PM by Janet Pinkerton
    CompTIA subject matter expert Tenette Prevatte began working in IT to make a car payment. Fast forward nearly 20 years, Prevatte is department chair for information systems security at Fayetteville (NC) Technical Community College.
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  • CompTIA Mobile App Security+ to Identify Secure App Developers

    Oct 17, 2013, 14:00 PM by Janet Pinkerton
    CompTIA and its exam development partner viaForensics are releasing the CompTIA Mobile App Security+ certification today. The exam is designed to validate that mobile application developers have the skills to securely create a native iOS or Android mobile app while also ensuring secure network communications and backend web services.
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  • Why the IT Industry Needs Cloud Certification

    Oct 1, 2013, 13:00 PM by Janet Pinkerton
    Given the rapid rate of change and the addition of new players in the cloud market, it’s rare that organizations will understand the entire scope of knowledge that they need to cut through the sales pitches and successfully deploy the cloud solution that is right for them. To address this problem, CompTIA worked with cloud subject matter experts to develop the CompTIA Cloud+ certification exam.
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  • CompTIA PDI+ Exam to Retire

    Sep 25, 2013, 20:17 PM by Janet Pinkerton
    CompTIA will retire the Printing and Document Imaging (PDI+) exam on Jan. 31, 2014. Vouchers for the exam are good until Jan. 31, 2014, the final day to take the exam. Anyone who has earned the CompTIA PDI+ certification will be certified for life.
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  • Cloud Jobs and How to Get Them

    Aug 30, 2013, 15:00 PM by Janet Pinkerton
    The cloud computing market continues to grow, and cloud computing jobs are getting more lucrative. But what the exactly is a “cloud job” and what does it take to win one? Executives from IT staffing firms and career sites recently spoke with CompTIA about what cloud skills and knowledge are currently in-demand from employers.
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  • The Rise of Gen Y in the Workplace

    Aug 21, 2013, 21:00 PM by Janet Pinkerton
    Younger workers from Generation Y (20 to 34 years old) are replacing the retiring Baby Boomers in the workforce. New generational research from CompTIA indicates that, as Gen Y assumes the prime labor role, these younger workers will bring new preferences, new behaviors, and new expectations—especially with regard to how technology is used in the workplace.
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  • A Day in the Life of an IT Tech: Heather Jones, QA Analyst

    Aug 14, 2013, 21:00 PM by Janet Pinkerton
    Heather Jones' tells us about her path to her dream job as a quality assurance (QA) analyst for Riot Games, the Santa Monica, California-based publisher of "League of Legends," a multi-player online battle arena video game.
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  • CompTIA to Retire CompTIA IT for Sales and CompTIA Green IT Exams

    Jul 30, 2013, 16:54 PM by Janet Pinkerton
    Due to changes in the IT skills marketplace, CompTIA will retire the CompTIA IT for Sales and CompTIA Green IT specialty certification exams at the end of this year.
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  • CompTIA Launches Online Certification Validation

    Jul 23, 2013, 13:24 PM by Janet Pinkerton
    CompTIA certified professionals now have a few new options to highlight their certified status. Credentialing service Blue Ribbon Techs and professional talent database Brainhunter.com now provide CompTIA certification validation on online profiles. So instead of confirming your certified status to multiple potential employers, you can do it once and apply to multiple contracting jobs.
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  • Signal University Provides IT Training for Military, Civilian Careers

    Jul 18, 2013, 15:30 PM by Janet Pinkerton
    Army Specialist Priscilla White was stationed in Kuwait with the Alabama Army National Guard for several weeks before she learned about the U.S. Army Central Command Signal University, a school at Camp Arifjan where she could learn new computer skills, earn IT certifications and gain points toward promotion within the military.
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