7 Reasons to Work in IT

If you’re looking to get into IT, you may be surprised at why people love it. Here are our top seven reasons to work in IT.

An IT pro sits at a workstation with the headline 7 Reasons to Work in ITThe days of working in one industry in one role have passed. In fact, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), the typical American worker changes their job around 12 times before they retire. This should be reassuring news if you’re contemplating a new career. If you’re looking to get into IT, you may be surprised at why people love it. Here are our top seven reasons to work in IT.

1. You don’t have to be a math whiz.

Contrary to popular belief, dedication and soft skills go a long way in making IT professionals successful. While technical skills are important, they can be learned more easily than a strong work ethic, a natural curiosity and the ability to work well with others. A person with dedication and motivation will take the initiative to learn hardware, cybersecurity, coding or whatever the technical skill may be that will help them move ahead. Hear from our CEO about how it’s not just a skills gap, but a confidence gap, that’s affecting the IT workforce.

2. You’ll get to show off your creative side.

The most impactful IT workers are also often the most creative. Every day in IT, you’ll need to come up with innovative solutions to complex problems. And you often won’t arrive at those solutions through linear thinking alone. Creativity is the secret sauce that will help you meet your goals on a day-to-day basis.

3. A big part of your job will involve helping people.

Whether you’re helping people solve their daily technology problems or developing technology behind the scenes, a big part of your career will involve making other people’s lives simpler with your specialized knowledge. You'll work closely with others to understand the challenges they face and what they need technology to do. Your ability to problem solve and innovate will help them do their jobs better and help your organization to succeed.

4. There’s no shortage of IT jobs.

Job opportunities are endless for IT professionals with the right skills. In fact, during the fourth quarter of 2016, employers posted more than 600,000 IT jobs. As our world becomes increasingly digitized, the need for IT workers will only grow. If you feel stifled in your career and feel like you don’t have enough opportunities to move up the ladder, consider expanding your opportunities in the IT realm. Cyberstates can help you visualize the supply and demand in labor for fields you’re interested in.

5. IT pays well.

This is one of the major draws for many people who transition to careers in IT. Cyberstates data shows that the average U.S. tech industry wage, at $109,000, is nearly double that of the overall average wage in the United States, at $53,100. As with any profession, there’s a wide range of salaries dependent on numerous factors, but it shows there’s ample opportunity for advancement in terms of both responsibility and salary.  

6. You’ll always be challenged.

The IT realm is constantly in flux in terms of innovation. As an IT professional, you’ll be expected to keep up with industry changes and new technology, which means there will never be a dull moment in your career. If you love learning and are up for a challenge, an IT job may be right up your alley.  

7. A variety of industries need people with your skills.

The sky’s the limit when it comes to where you’ll be able to find employment, and your opportunities won’t be limited to the corporate world. Nonprofits, health care organizations and universities all need smart people to join their IT teams. You’ll get to pick your own adventure and work in a field that you feel truly aligns with your interests.

No matter your reason, if you have an interest in IT, there is a way to get into it. Take our quiz, Is IT Right for You? to learn more about how your skills translate to an IT career.

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