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5 Reasons You Should Care About CompTIA A+

If you’re not already convinced that CompTIA A+ is a great way to launch your IT career, listen to what Zach Hill of I.T. Career Questions has to say.

If you’re not already convinced that CompTIA A+ is a great way to launch your IT career, listen to what Zach Hill of I.T. Career Questions has to say. When the CompTIA A+ Core Series (220-1001/220-1002) launched earlier this year, he identified five things that excite him about the certification and why he thinks it’s relevant to today’s entry-level IT jobs, like help desk technician and technical support specialist.

"In my opinion, CompTIA has really raised the bar with the new A+ certification,” Hill said in his video. “They have set a new standard while still keeping in mind that this exam is designed and developed for those who are seeking entry-level job roles.”

Get Ready to Get CompTIA A+

You have many training options to help you prepare for your CompTIA A+ exam, including self-study materials, virtual labs, videos, online classes and in-person career prep classes. In 2020, CompTIA Tech Career Academy is bringing its IT-Ready Technical Support program to classrooms, so that students get the training they need to earn CompTIA A+ and launch their IT careers on the help desk.

Learn More about the CompTIA Tech Career Academy.

5 Highlights of the CompTIA A+ Core Series

  1. Scripting: You won’t need to become a programmer or know coding inside and out, but you’ll need to understand the basics of how scripting works and the principles of scripting language.
  2. Cybersecurity: The CompTIA A+ Core Series has increased its coverage of cybersecurity, including topics like privacy, GDPR and malware.
  3. Cloud and Virtualization: As more organizations adopt cloud computing, everyone in IT, from the help desk on up, needs to understand how to manage and troubleshoot these environments. The CompTIA A+ Core Series has an increased emphasis on cloud computing and virtualization.
  4. Networking: Similar to cloud computing, as IoT devices make their way into the workplace, IT pros need to understand how to connect them securely. The CompTIA A+ Core Series also includes more about network protocols than past versions of the exam.
  5. Hardware Requirements: About 20% of the hardware requirements in the 900 series have been removed from the CompTIA A+ Core Series, making it even more relevant to what IT pros do everyday.

“Even more so now, the A+ certification shows you have proven problem-solving and troubleshooting skills that can help you get into this field,” Hill said.

Want to learn more about CompTIA A+? Download the exam objectives to see what’s covered.

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