Exam Delivery Policies


All CompTIA exam policies as outlined on our main policies pages, shall be enforced to the fullest extent with only a few exceptions noted below for exams proctored via the Pearson VUE OnVUE platform:

  • Please carefully review all policies and requirements outlined in the Appointment Confirmation and Appointment Reminder emails which candidates receive from Pearson VUE, prior to the date of testing.
  • Please be prepared to show one (1) valid form of unexpired, Government-issued personal ID. The Government-issued ID must have your signature and must have your photo.
  • For candidates who are minors (17 years of age and under), please note the minor must have guardian authorization for each testing event. In addition, the minor must have a single form of photo ID (e.g school ID) and the guardian must be present during the check-in process, and willing to show a proper government-issued ID. For full details visit our Candidate ID Policy page.
  • For Online Testing privacy questions or concerns, please read our privacy statement.


  • At no point may a photo be taken of the exam screen. Candidates are monitored until the exam has been closed out and a violation of this policy, even to take a photo of the exam result at the end, can result in your exam being revoked and your score invalidated.
  • Candidates should not read the questions out loud on a continuous basis as this will constitute a breach of policy. While concentrating on a particular question, candidates may accidently murmur to themselves. Please refrain from murmuring or reading out loud. If, after a warning from the proctor, a candidate continues to read out loud, the exam will be shut down and the incident reported to CompTIA.


CompTIA reserves the right to exclude regions, countries and/or test centers from the CompTIA Certification Program.


CompTIA reserves the right to exclude countries and/or specific test centers from the beta testing program.


  • CompTIA may suspend testing at any test site where we deem there is a potential threat to the security or integrity of our certification program.
  • CompTIA may, at its sole discretion, reinstate previously banned Testing Centers if:
    • The site agrees to a corrective action plan approved by CompTIA Security to prevent any future exam security breaches.
  • If the Test Center is reinstated by the CompTIA Security Team, the Test Center must agree to the following:
    • The reinstated site must pay for and pass five (5) integrity shop audits within a period of one year.
    • If the site fails one integrity shop it will be closed indefinitely.