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CompTIA is committed to the IT community at large. Please enjoy these free resources on computer networking, cloud computing and cybersecurity.

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IT Careers Roadmap

Interested in advancing your career in IT? Plan Your Next Move with CompTIA's IT career path planning tool.

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IT Salary Calculator

Use the CompTIA IT Salary Calculator to estimate your salary and know your worth during your job search.

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IT Industry Outlook

CompTIA’s IT Industry Outlook identifies 10 trends likely to impact technology companies and workers in 2023.


Computer Networking

Among all of the foundational IT topics, computer networking may be the most important one for companies to get right as they go through digital transformation. Here are some computer networking resources to help you keep things business as usual (at least, as much as possible).

Cloud Computing

For many organizations, cloud computing is the best solution for making their IT architecture more efficient and cost-effective. Whether your organization has these solutions already in place or you’re new to the cloud, here are some resources that will support your efforts.

  • What Is Cloud Computing?: New to the cloud? Learn the basics of cloud computing, including benefits, services and even jobs that you could get.
  • Cloud Types, Solutions and Vendors: Get a breakdown of cloud types, solutions and the basics you need to know to bring cloud computing to your organization.
  • Cloud Maintenance 101: You’ve made the switch to cloud technology. Now what? Take a look at what needs to be done to maintain a secure cloud computing environment.
  • CompTIA CertMaster Learn + Labs for Cloud+: Access a free, all-in-one learning experience! During this 30-day trial you’ll experience a comprehensive personalized learning plan.
business continuity


Whether it’s conducting work, shopping or managing your calendar from your smartphone, one of the many advantages to living in a world where every device is connected is convenience. But convenience of connected data means an increased vulnerability to hackers and cyberattacks. Make sure your network, data and workforce are secure with these cybersecurity resources.

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