Mapping the IT Workforce

What Maps Tell Us About the IT Jobs Landscape

The information technology (IT) jobs landscape is never static. It reflects the steady state of innovation and the vast array of tech-driven changes taking place across the economy. At a macro level, it’s relatively easy to get a sense of the size of the IT workforce and the key roles involved in developing, deploying and supporting technology. CompTIA’s IT Industry Outlook and Cyberstates reports are good sources for this type of data. However, when attempting to drill down to a more granular level, alternative approaches are needed.

The enclosed data visualizations depicts the IT workforce at the state and metropolitan statistical area (MSA) level, which serves as a proxy for cities. For example, Washington, DC consists of a relatively compact city center, along with a more expansive regional area. MSAs capture the regional area. See methodology section below for additional details on MSAs and the data used in these map.

Top IT Jobs by MSA

Top IT Jobs by State

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