CompTIA Badging FAQs

Q: What is a digital badge?

A: A CompTIA digital badge is a digital representation of the CompTIA certification you’ve earned. It is a convenient way to display and share a certification so it can be verified in real-time, online. 

Q: What are the benefits of a CompTIA digital badge?

A: A CompTIA digital badge provides employers and peers with a description of the certification, as well as a list of the skills and criteria required to earn the credential. In addition, CompTIA digital badges are managed through Credly’s Acclaim platform, which offers labor market insights based on your skills and allows you to search and apply for related job opportunities.

Q: How will I know if I’ve earned a CompTIA digital badge?

A: Shortly after passing your certification exam, you will receive an email notification with instructions for claiming your digital badge and setting up your account.

Q: How can I access my CompTIA digital badge?

A: You can access the digital badge platform any time by clicking on the ‘Digital Badges’ link in your CompTIA certification record.

Q: Can I accept my CompTIA digital badge but keep it private?

A: Yes. If you don’t want to make your digital badge public, you can easily configure your privacy settings in the digital badge platform. You’re in complete control of your information.

Q: Is there a fee for CompTIA digital badges?

A: No. Digital badges are part of your CompTIA certification benefits. 

Q: What keeps someone else from copying my CompTIA digital badge and using it?

A: Your CompTIA digital badge is an electronic file with uniquely embedded data. This embedded data is verified in real-time. Attempts to copy and modify someone's digital badge would be unsuccessful, as the digital badge continually corrects itself against the certification record. Digital badges are more reliable and secure than paper-based certificates.

Q: Where and how can I share my CompTIA digital badge?

A: You can share your CompTIA digital badge to social media platforms (like LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook), over email, embedded in a website, in your email signature and more. Simply click the ‘Digital Badges’ link in your CompTIA certification record to get started.

Q: What happens to my digital badge when my certification expires?

A: CompTIA CE certifications expire three years from the date earned and must be renewed by the expiration date. When CompTIA CE certifications are not maintained through the Continuing Education Program and expire, the digital badge will also be flagged as ‘expired.’

Q: What are labor market insights and how can I access them?

A: Once you receive your digital badge, you can access the labor market insights from your digital badge details page by clicking on ‘Related Jobs,’ or by clicking on the skill tags assigned to your digital badge. You will have access to labor market insights, which are pulled from live job requisitions. Based on your skills, you can learn which employers are hiring, what job titles you might be qualified for, salary ranges and much more. You can search active job listings and even apply for them with just a few clicks.