CompTIA Data Science Beta Exam

The Computing Technology Industry Association (CompTIA) is looking for qualified individuals for help in the developing and maintaining of a new data science certification through a beta exam. Input from data scientists working in the field is crucial to our ability to develop relevant and up-to-date exam content.

The target audience for the new certification includes the following individuals:

  • Have 5 or more years of experience in an advanced data analysis role using predictive statistical models.
  • Are responsible for setting or influencing strategies for data capture, data management, and data analytics.
  • Build and maintain the systems and structures that store, extract, and organize data
  • Analyze data to predict trends and glean business insights
  • Create statistical models for advanced data analysis
  • May specialize in Python, Machine Learning, SQL, Data Analysis, Predictive Models, Artificial Intelligence

Job roles include Data Scientist, including Senior Data Scientist, Lead Data Scientist, Principal Data Scientist.

If you pass the beta exam, you will earn the new CompTIA data science certification. Please note that results will not be available until the exam launches in Q1, 2024.

To find out if you qualify, please complete this survey and answer the assessment questions as honestly as possible.

To download the exam objectives, click here.

For more information, contact [email protected].