CompTIA Accredit UK Trustmark+

accreditukThe Accredit UK Trustmark+ is a highly coveted business credential that distinguishes your organisation from all others as a leader in the ICT industry. We award this unique Trustmark to those who show their ability to develop and deliver first-class ICT solutions and services to their customers and prospects.

How do I get an Accredit UK Trustmark+?

There are five criteria that you must adhere to in order to be considered. These include organisational management, company direction, business generation, service delivery and operations and customer relations. To ensure credibility, we use a third-party assessor to verify all of our applicants’ credentials.

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You can enter your contact information in the form on the right for instant access to the CompTIA Accredit UK Trustmark+ Quick Reference. This document provides you an initial look into who should pursue this Trustmark, what the benefits are and the process you will undergo to earn the credential.

Accredit UK Trustmark+ Pricing*

  • Price: £1250

* Price excludes VAT and includes 18-month CompTIA Solution Provider Membership

Accredit UK Trustmark+ Login & Application

To apply for the Accredit UK Trustmark+, please contact a Member Relations Manager.

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