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Master IT Basics and Kickstart Your Tech Career With TestOut IT Fundamentals Pro

Explore the Basics of IT and Beyond

IT Fundamentals Pro is your all-encompassing solution for learning the foundational concepts of Information Technology. It is designed to generate excitement around a career in tech and pave the way for future careers and education in technology. You’ll discover expert-created content and interactive courseware inspiring your journey in IT education.

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CompTIA IT Fundamentals Pro

Key IT fundamentals for the modern workplace

Unmatched Learning Journey
Interactive, hands-on learning experiences that cover a wide range of practical IT basics.
Broad-based curriculum
Internet, Programming, Hardware, Networking, Software, Databases, and Cybersecurity.


Course Outline
Foundational skills development
Gain the necessary skills to understand and work with IT in today’s rapidly changing digital world.

IT Fundamentals Pro courseware is crafted with learners in mind to help you develop the fundamental IT skills needed in today's digital age. With 105 interactive labs, the curriculum emphasizes:

  • Hands-on exercises in installing hardware, using shell commands, securing networks, and utilizing productivity software.
  • Comprehensive lessons on computer components, operating systems, and software applications.
  • Training on safe internet practices, digital footprint management, and cybersecurity threat identification.
  • Introduction to coding with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, developing problem-solving skills and understanding of software development.

What skills will you learn?

Information technology basics

You’ll have a solid understanding of the core concepts of IT systems and their practical applications.

Internet technologies

Discover imperative technologies that power the internet, including web development, protocols, and connectivity essentials.


Design, write, test, and maintain code to enable computer applications and software programs to operate effectively.

Computer hardware

Identify and understand the physical components of computer systems, such as processors, memory, and storage devices.


Participate in connecting computers and devices and learn how they share information through LANs and the Internet.

Information systems

Manage and process data with systems that support decision-making and organizational operations through effective information handling.

Computer software

Operate and leverage computer software, including applications and programs, to fulfill specific computational tasks.


Organize, store, and retrieve data efficiently using structured electronic databases designed for quick access and analysis.


Protect computer systems, networks, and data from digital threats, ensuring integrity, confidentiality, and availability.



Experience a curriculum that promotes critical thinking skills and IT literacy through engaging videos, interactive lab simulations, and comprehensive lessons.


Our hands-on learning environment includes lab simulations that reflect real-world IT scenarios, complete with auto-graded assessments for immediate feedback.


Achieve lasting skill retention with varied lab experiences that challenge learners with real-world IT tasks, designed for sustained competence and confidence.


IT Fundamentals Pro offers a complete educational toolkit on one platform, making learning efficient, saving time, and enhancing learner engagement.

Educators, Transform Your Classroom

Integrate IT Fundamentals Pro into your curriculum to provide students with the essential IT skills needed for today's technology-driven world.

For Educators
  • No additional software licenses required
  • Customizable exams and quizzes
  • Real-time reporting gives visability
  • Adaptable to classroom needs
  • All-in-one solution ready on day one
  • Fast setup, training, & LMS integration
  • Robust prep for certification exam
  • Aligns with industry exams and state standards
For Students
  • Instant feedback on labs and exams
  • Self-grading labs, exams, and learning review activities
  • Ability to work at their own pace
  • Engaging content that caters to diverse learning preferences
  • Works on PC, Mac, & Chromebook
  • Engaging for different learning styles
  • Includes TestOut's performance-based certification voucher
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Educators Are Excited About IT Fundamentals Pro

Unlock Your Potential!

Chris Johnson
Chris Johnson
Information Technology Faculty/Program Lead

“IT Fundamentals Pro is a great learning environment for students. It introduces the new students in our IT program to various areas of the IT industry, ranging from computer hardware to programming to cybersecurity. It provides an exceptional introduction that allows the new computer students to find what area of IT piques their interest, thus allowing them to better choose which pathway in our IT curriculum that they wish to pursue."

Sean Carchidi
Sean Carchidi
Teacher at Mercy Career and Technical High School

"IT Fundamentals Pro made the transition to virtual/hybrid learning easy, as I was able to lean on the program even more during this new learning process. It helps me validate my students' skills on a daily basis, and I know that my students are not skipping a beat and will be excellent computer technicians even in a post-COVID world."

Kelly O’Dell
Kelly O’Dell
Technology and Business Teacher at Teays Valley High School

"I’m a first year teacher using IT Fundamentals Pro and I would never switch to any other curriculum. IT Fundamentals has provided me with a strong foundation to work from. It’s so user friendly and easy to follow, it saves me so much time! I’m able to focus more on creating individualized curriculums for my honor students and my limited functioning students."

"IT Fundamentals covers the best overview of 21st century computer science skills that students can relate to and get hands-on practice using the simulated labs. IT Fundamentals also offers more than adequate teaching aids such as PowerPoints, pacing charts, classroom posters, and LMS integration. The support team is top-notch. Most teachers are on a first-name basis and it seems everyone is comfortable reaching out to them for any question or need we might have. I am so happy I chose this curriculum and will continue to use it in the next school year."

Chris Johnson
Sean Carchidi
Kelly O’Dell

Build Your Confidence and Resume

This course includes a voucher for the 100% performance-based TestOut IT Fundamentals Pro Certification. Certified individuals can share their digital certification badges to demonstrate their skills and IT literacy to future employers.

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Get the fundamental skills needed for IT success.

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Gain insight into the daily work of IT professionals

testout scenario

IT Fundamentals Pro presents hundreds of concepts in a way that makes learning accessible and helps students understand what their futures will hold.

Example labs by topic:

  • 14 Computer Hardware Labs
    Troubleshoot SATA Devices
  • 22 Computer Software Labs
    Repair Programs
  • 6 Internet Technology Labs
    Configure Smart Devices
  • 16 Networking Labs
    Create a Home Wireless Network
  • 10 Databases Labs
    SQL: Add a Record to a Table
  • 19 Programming Labs
    HTML: Add Images and Hyperlinks
  • 3 Information Systems
    Use Microsoft Access Reports to Analyze Data
  • 15 Cybersecurity Labs
    Configure Windows Firewall
The Complete Training Solution

One Platform. Everything Included.

TestOut IT Fundamentals Pro delivers a complete and engaging educational journey, equipping students with the tools they need to master IT fundamentals.



    What's Included:

    • Lab simulations: 105
    • Video lessons: 142
    • Demonstrations: 86
    • Text lessons: 181
    • Section quizzes: 78
    • Certification practice exams: 2
    • Exam voucher for TestOut’s 100% performance-based certification exam: 1

    Resources to explore technology career pathways

    IT Fundamentals Pro is designed to help students explore IT careers and provides the necessary toolkit to prepare you for your future.

    In addition to accessible educational materials, including videos from working IT professionals, IT Fundamentals Pro includes hardware and software labs, HTML, CSS, and JavaScript labs. Plus, our students will work in our dynamic drag-and-drop editor to understand how to code and troubleshoot a website. Students will also gain deep insights into how programmers use variables, functions, looping, and branching logic to write code.The course also includes a section on career preparation, resumé tips, and soft skills.


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