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Protect Against Cyber Attacks with TestOut Security Pro

TestOut Security Pro is a comprehensive solution for mastering the skills and knowledge needed to pass the CompTIA Security+ certification exam. This cybersecurity training program provides engaging content and hands-on, experiential training on the latest security tools and techniques, ensuring you're proficient in protecting against cyber threats and securing sensitive data.

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CompTIA Security Pro

Essential Skills for Cybersecurity Professionals

Strong Foundation for Aspiring Professionals
Interactive, hands-on learning experiences that cover a wide range of fundamental cybersecurity concepts, laying the foundations for a successful career in information security.
Entry-Level Cybersecurity Principles
From the basics of cybersecurity to advanced security measures, learn all about network cabling, hardware devices, switching, routing, network security, addressing, and services.


Course Outline
Cybersecurity Job Role Development
Designed for career training and professional development in cybersecurity roles such as Systems Engineer, Network Systems Administrator, Security Specialist.

Security Pro courseware will prepare learners for success in the CompTIA Security+ certification exam, a key step in career advancement and help them obtain entry-level cybersecurity positions. With over 85 interactive labs, the curriculum emphasizes:

  • Physical Security Implementation: Hands-on, practical exercises in implementing physical security, configuring a DMZ, spoofing MAC addresses, and hardening wireless networks to protect computer systems and personal information from security issues.
  • IT Security and Risk Management Essentials: Insightful lessons on virtualization, cloud security, mobile device security, risk management, and governance.
  • Cybersecurity Tools: Training on using up-to-date cyber software and tools like Kali Linux, Metasploit, Nmap, and Wireshark.

What skills will you learn?

Threats, Attacks, and Vulnerabilities

Learn how to identify digital threats and become proficient in mitigating vulnerabilities and protecting against cyber attacks and data breaches.

Identity, Access, and Account Management

Become proficient in managing user identities, access controls, and account security to safeguard sensitive information.

Incident Response, Forensics, and Recovery

Master skills in responding to security breaches, conducting digital forensic analysis, and restoring systems to operational security.

Physical and Wireless Threats

Understand the security challenges associated with physical access and wireless networks and learn strategies to mitigate these risks.

Virtualization, Cloud and Mobile Devices

Dive into the security considerations for virtualized environments, cloud services, and mobile device management.

Risk Management

Learn to identify, analyze, and mitigate risks to maintain the integrity, confidentiality, and availability of information.

Networks and Hosts Design and Diagnosis

Learn the professional techniques for securing networks and hosts against potential security threats.




Devices and Infrastructure Security

Learn to secure various devices and critical infrastructure components that constitute the backbone of IT systems.

Securing Data and Applications

Understand the strategies and technologies for protecting data at rest, in transit, and in use, as well as securing applications from vulnerabilities, with a focus on data encryption and security practices.


Security Assessments

Master the essential methodologies and tools for conducting security assessments, including vulnerability scanning and penetration testing.

Governance and Compliance

Familiarize yourself with the legal, regulatory, and organizational standards and practices that govern information security and ensure compliance, enhancing cybersecurity awareness.



The CompTIA TestOut Security Pro curriculum promotes critical thinking skills and cybersecurity literacy through engaging videos, interactive lab simulations, and comprehensive lessons.


Test and hone your skills in lab simulations that reflect real-world applications, complete with auto-graded assessments for immediate feedback.


With varied lab experiences that challenge learners with real-world cybersecurity tasks, our curriculum supports sustained knowledge and comprehension.


Security Pro offers a complete educational toolkit on a single sign-on learning platform, making learning efficient and enhancing learner engagement, ideal for online and self-paced learning.

Educators, Transform Your Classroom

Integrate Security Pro into your curriculum to provide students with the essential skills needed for today's entry-level cybersecurity roles.

For Educators
  • No additional software licenses required
  • Customizable exams and quizzes
  • Real-time reporting for visibility
  • Adaptable to classroom needs
  • All-in-one solution ready on day one
  • Fast setup, training, and LMS integration
  • Robust prep for certification exam
  • Aligns with CompTIA Security+ exam objectives
For Students
  • Instant feedback on labs and exams
  • Self-grading labs, exams, and learning review activities
  • Ability to work at their own pace
  • Engaging content for diverse learning preferences
  • Works on PC, Mac, and Chromebook
  • Engaging for different learning styles
  • Includes TestOut's performance-based certification
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CompTIA Network Pro

Unlock Your Potential!

Gregory Cole
Gregory Cole
Adjunct Lecturer

“I believe that the students in this course should be able to not only understand the theory of cybersecurity but also demonstrate practical skills through the many security lab assignments that are integrated into the curriculum. School network administrators do not want to allow students to run port scanners, packet sniffers, and create VLANs on the school network. Most schools are unable to provide a Windows 10, Windows Server, Linux, and iPad platform for students.

"Security Pro overcomes these obstacles and provides students with a realistic virtual environment where they can perform the cybersecurity tasks required for success in the workforce. For their final assessment, my students take the Security Pro certification exam. Those who earn the Security Pro certification have demonstrated proficiency with skills that are in high demand by the industry. I have 35 years of experience as a classroom instructor of Computer and Information Technology and I highly recommend Security Pro for your cybersecurity classroom.”

George Karnbauer
George Karnbauer
Computer Networking Instructor

“I am pleased with the TestOut products, especially Security Pro. It's difficult having all the different types of hardware and software necessary for my Computer Networking and Security Program, and TestOut software provides all that in their simulations. Security Pro handles both the physical and data side of these topics in a very detailed way.

"Having the Security Pro exams aligned with the CompTIA Security+ exam is a great help and will set my students apart from their peers in the job market. From the training content and simulations to the Security Pro certification at the end of the course, TestOut provides more bang for the buck than any other IT training vendor around.”

April Pelfrey
April Pelfrey
Cybersecurity Instructor

“Security Pro is an excellent resource to help high school students prepare for the CompTIA Security+ certification exam which happens to be our End of Pathway Assessment in our district. We love the interactive lab simulations that give the students a hands-on, real-world experience without us having to have a costly cyber lab built out in our classroom. The students can see firsthand how to put their knowledge to use and walk away with skills they can use in the real world.

"We love Security Pro! I highly recommend it to any high schools that are teaching cybersecurity! It is easy to use, cost-effective, and real-world!”

Gregory Cole
George Karnbauer
April Pelfrey

Build Your Confidence and Resume

A voucher for the 100% performance-based TestOut Security Pro Certification is included with this course at no extra cost. Certified individuals can showcase their digital certification badges to demonstrate their skills.

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Get the skills needed for entry-level cybersecurity success

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Experience real-life threat scenarios

testout scenario

Throughout the course, students gain experience with the industry’s top software and key tools that come pre-loaded. These technologies include multiple operating systems and interfaces. Security Pro simulates:

  • Kali Linux
  • Windows 10
  • Microsoft Windows Server 2019
  • Cisco Switches
  • Ettercap
  • John the Ripper
  • Metasploit
  • Nmap
  • BitLocker
  • pfSense Firewall
  • Wireshark
  • Hyper-V
  • Windows Defender
  • ... and more!

Security Pro eliminates the need to create isolated environments, grade screenshots, or install software. With so many features and hands-on labs, you won’t need physical labs or virtual machines.


Networked office environment for deep learning

Interactive Network Admin Center

Security Pro simulates more than $200,000 in hardware and software integrated into a fully networked office campus. These state-of-the-art simulation labs are fantastic resources for students to learn viable cybersecurity skills, such as working with computer components, configuring and troubleshooting networks, and troubleshooting devices, software, and connections.

Simulated systems include:

  • 30+ Windows 10 workstations
  • 30+ Windows Server 2019 servers
  • 9 Linux workstations and servers
  • 15 routers
  • 15 switches

Simulated hardware includes

  • 5 workstations
  • 6 servers
  • 5 routers
  • 7 switches

Setting up physical labs, purchasing software, or conducting regular maintenance and updates is unnecessary, saving you time and money.

The Complete Training Solution

One Platform. Everything Included.

Security Pro is a comprehensive course that offers a complete view of the cybersecurity landscape, simulating real-world security scenarios within a digital corporate environment that mirrors what students will encounter as professionals. It's an exceptional method for acquiring in-demand cybersecurity skills, effectively serving as a virtual internship in the field of information security.

Network Pro instructor with student

What's Included:

  • Lab simulations: 85
  • Video lessons: 166
  • Demonstrations: 126
  • Text lessons: 145
  • Section quizzes: 95
  • Certification practice exams: 2
  • Exam voucher for TestOut’s 100% performance-based certification exam: 1