CompTIA A+ 1002 Practice Questions

Question 1
Which of the following is the BEST use-case scenario for a Chrome OS device?

A. Web browsing and email
B. Photo and video editing
C. Application development
D. Database queries

Question 2
A technician implements a Group Policy change and needs to apply it without restarting the workstation. Which of the following commands can be used to accomplish this task?

A. gpupdate
B. gpresult
C. netstat
D. Dism

Question 3
An end user has requested assistance from the help desk to install new video editing software. The user wants to create several .wma files. Which of the following should the help desk consider before installing the software?

A. Disk space
B. Network connection
C. Aspect ratio
D. Power supply

Question 4
A new security requirement for logging on to a company network has been put in place for all users. Which of the following should a systems administrator enforce to BEST meet this requirement? (Select TWO).

A. Strong passwords
B. Folder redirection
C. Email filtering
D. Multifactor authentication
E. Remote desktop
F. Anti-malware

Question 5
Which of the following password choices increases the chance that a brute force attack will succeed?

A. Dictionary words
B. Special characters
C. Long passwords
D. Capital letters

Question 6
A user connects a printer to a workstation. As the printer drivers are installed, an error message appears. The default drivers appear to be incompatible with the OS. Which of the following should a technician use FIRST to troubleshoot the problem?

A. Services
B. Device Manager
C. Programs and Features
D. Task Manager

Question 7
Joe, a user, forgot his password and was unable to log in to a workstation. Joe remembers the password later, but he is still unable to log in. Which of the following is the MOST likely cause of the issue?

A. Reset account
B. Deleted account
C. Locked account
D. Limited-user account
E. Unprovisioned account

Question 8
A user reports a phone battery does not last the entire day, and the phone's navigation is slow. Which of the following should a technician do FIRST to troubleshoot the device?

A. Examine the running apps.
B. Update the firmware.
C. Reinstall the most-used application.
D. Turn off all network services.

Question 9
Which of the following is the proper way to dispose of batteries?

A. Shred
B. Recycle
C. Dispose in trash
D. Incinerate

Question 10
To prevent electrical damage to a PC while working on it, which of the following should be disconnected before work begins?

A. Power cable
B. Video cable
C. USB cable
D. Serial cable

A+ 1002 Answer Key

Question 1) A. Web browsing and email

Question 2) A. gpupdate

Question 3) A. Disk space

Question 4) A. Strong passwords and D. Multifactor authentication

Question 5) A. Dictionary words

Question 6) B. Device Manager

Question 7) C. Locked account

Question 8) A. Examine the running apps.

Question 9) B. Recycle

Question 10) A. Power cable