Instructional Offerings

A wide array of options allow for customization around your learners and your goals

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Instructional Offerings

CompTIA offers a wide range of instructional options. Not just course content, but also choices in how that content is delivered to your learners. What works best will vary depending on your learners and your intended outcomes

Instructional Offerings

Course Content

Refers to what is being studied. In many cases this is content tied to a specific certification, but it may also include things like soft skills. A program may consist of multiple course content modules in order to prepare learners for a specific job role.

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Modes of Instruction

Refers to how the course content is delivered (mentored vs. instructor-led, in classroom vs. online)

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Course Pacing

Refers to how much time is spent on the course content. Some learners may be able to handle a very accelerated “boot camp” pace, where others will benefit from having a lot more time on each concept or unit

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Refers to how many hours per day the training will be conducted, start time, and over how many weeks the program will run

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Course Content Offerings

We’ll begin building the instructional part of your solution based on the job roles you are skilling, upskilling or reskilling for. With those roles in mind, we’ll help you choose one or more course modules for your program.

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Course Content Offerings
Modes of Instruction

Modes of Instruction

The locations, backgrounds and availability of your learners may make some modes of instruction better than others. We’ll help you choose the best fit for your learners and your goals from instructor-led training and mentored learning options.

Onsite Classroom Training

Sometimes getting back to basics is the key to success. We offer traditional, instructor-led training in a classroom environment onsite at your location of choice. It may be more convenient for your learners to train onsite on a designated day and time each week. And your learners may show more engagement.

Live Online Training

For some people, flexibility is essential. We offer live online training that allows your learners to ask questions, participate in discussions and get clarification just like you would in an in-person setting. Log into your class to engage with your instructor and classmates from wherever you’re able.

Mentored Learning

Mentored learning combines the best of both worlds. Learners can learn at their own speed, level and convenience with the rigor of a classroom program that provides a framework and lesson plan with expectations. This type of instruction asks students to meet milestones throughout the program to stay on track.

Course Pacing

Pacing of instruction can be a key factor in the success of your program. Some learners can cover a unit of content in a day and be ready for more. Others may need a week to master that same unit. We’ll work with you to understand the backgrounds, experience levels and skills of your learners and your goals to determine the course pacing option that fits best.

Bootcamp Pace

Bootcamp pace is an aggressive form of instruction best suited for learners with some prior tech job experience who may already be familiar with some of the material being presented. Course content can be delivered in as little as two weeks of full-time training.

Professional Pace

Professional pacing is brisk, but not breakneck. It’s a good fit for situations where learners have work experience or previous education that gives them a strong foundation for the new skills being introduced. Whether instruction is delivered over weeks or months, the pace is moderate.

Beginner Pace

Beginner pace is best for those with no prior knowledge or experience in the course content. This may include those just entering the workforce, or those reskilling to change careers. Content is delivered at a relaxed pace with extra room for lots of questions.

Course Pacing


The needs of learners and organizations can vary a lot when it comes to availability for instruction. Employers seeking training for their employees may need to ensure sessions can have minimal overlap with their “day job” hours. Other learners may be available full time. Those requiring part time may or may not have daytime hours available.

We will work with you to establish a program schedule that fits your needs, your learners’ needs, and the pace of instruction required for success. As an example, a program set at a beginner pace with full-time instruction will naturally require fewer weeks overall than the same beginner-pace program conducted part-time, where more weeks will be needed to cover the same content.

  • Full-time instruction (number of weeks vary depending on course pacing)
  • Part-time instruction (number of weeks vary depending on course pacing)
  • Morning start time
  • Afternoon start time
  • Evening start time

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