CompTIA’s The Changing Classroom: Perspectives from Students and Educators on the Role of Technology study was conducted to examine opportunities, IT priorities, challenges, tools and investments needed to serve the education vertical. The report consists of four sections, which can be viewed independently or together as chapters of a comprehensive report.

The study revealed that overwhelmingly, students in grades K through 12 and educators see positive or very positive effects of technology when applied to the education process. Improving student performance and meeting student achievement standards are the areas where school staffs seek to derive the most benefits from their use of technology. Beyond the day-to-day classroom work, educators and students also recognize the importance of developing technology skills early to ensure students are prepared to enter an increasingly digital workforce.

The study also found that a growing number of technologies aimed at the education market are making strong inroads into the nation’s classrooms and that technology is pervasive in today’s classrooms and school administrative offices.

This report is based on two online surveys conducted in September 2014. In one, 400 U.S. educators and administrators in the K-12 sector surveyed, in the second, 1,000 middle school and high school students were questioned.

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