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Employee Certification Validation Application Form

CompTIA is pleased to offer its members the ability to validate the CompTIA Certifications that your staff has earned. This new self service feature is available at no charge to all current CompTIA member companies. To get started, all you need to do is just sign up!

How to sign up

To participate in this program you need to complete the Certification Validation Application Form and submit it to CompTIA for approval. In addition to general information, you will need to provide a second point of contact and have an authorized manager of the company sign the application. CompTIA will review your submission, and if approved, you will be provided with a confidential username and password, usually within 7 business days. Participation in the CompTIA Certification Validation Program is at the sole discretion of the management of CompTIA.

How the program works

You will need to create a CSV file that contains employee data that matches a CompTIA specified format. Once created, you login to the CompTIA Candidate Database System and upload the file. The system will then compare your request against the database and provide you with the employee certification information. For an application and program Operation guide, click the “Access now” button located at the top of this page.


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