Cyberstates 2016

What are the underlying forces shaping the information technology economy in the United States? How do the shifts in trends impact employment in the tech sector? When will be the best time to capitalize on those trends? And where are the prime locations in the U.S. to find people with the right skills and profiles?

CompTIA’s annual Cyberstates ™ report for 2016 presents a comprehensive and comprehensible, state-by-state drill-down, showing the gains and losses in employment and wages in the tech sector. You’ll see exactly where the workforce is thriving, and where it’s struggling, with statistics that zero in on specific business sectors and geographic localities. Here’s some of what you’ll see:

  • Services surges. The largest net increase in jobs for any tech sector in 2015 came in services, accounting for more than half the net tech jobs gain.
  • Power center. The size of the U.S. tech workforce exceeds its construction workforce by around 400,000 jobs, and the financial sector by about 1 million jobs.
  • Telecom recoups. Net jobs in the telecom and Internet services sector have more than recouped for the downward trend that began back in 2009.

Your comprehensive career strategy begins with expert analysis of the employment trends for the technology economy in every state, every sector, and every category. Let CompTIA provide you with technology’s most comprehensive technology drill-down.