Cyber Secure: a Look at Employee Cybersecurity Habits in the Workplace

Surveys of IT security leaders by CompTIA reveal they believe human error to be at least as threatening to their organization’s cybersecurity as any intentional incursion, or any vulnerability in their systems and services. What evidence leads them to that belief, and where are vulnerabilities likely to crop up within organizations as a result?

This special study from CompTIA reveals the results of an online survey of some 1,200 actively employed U.S. citizens in all fields. Its objective is to look for hard evidence of what CompTIA members suspect as the human error factor disrupting organizational resilience. Here’s some of what you’ll see:

  • Only 4 percent of respondents polled said their first action, upon discovering their systems have been hacked, is to contact the authorities.
  • Fewer than half of respondents willingly utilize two-factor authentication for access control where they can, and greater than two respondents in five were even familiar with the phrase.
  • Greater than two respondents in five admit to having purchased items online with a credit card number, through public Wi-Fi.
  • When some 200 unbranded USB sticks were dropped in random locations inside a major airport by our research team, one individual in five plugged it into his laptop to check it out.

The revelations in this report will give you good reason to consider how you can improve your organization’s one-to-one training efforts, and help employees contribute to cybersecurity rather than threaten it. Download this report now and get a clearer picture.