CompTIA Continuing Education Overview

Technology offers great career opportunities, but the dynamics of IT require you to stay current with your skills and certifications. CompTIA’s Continuing Education (CE) program lets you prove that your IT knowledge has evolved with technology.

We’ve broken the CE process down into three simple steps so you can stay on track with keeping your certification current.

Step 1. Learn About the Renewal Process: Find out everything you need to know about the CE program to keep your certification(s) current and stand out from the crowd as a qualified IT pro.

Step 2. Choose Your Renewal Path: Whether you want to renew your certification slowly over time or quickly in one step, discover all of your options for earning Continuing Education Units (CEUs) to renew your certification(s) and select the path that best meets your needs.

Step 3. Submit Your CEUs and Renew: If you have already completed a qualifying renewal activity, assemble the required documentation and upload it to your CompTIA certification account.