Building Digital Organizations

Since the introduction of S3 and the iPhone, the IT industry has been saturated with information and discussions on cloud and mobility. Rather than creating an evolutionary step, cloud and mobility represent a true revolution. CompTIA, IDC, and other industry observers believe that cloud/mobility will be the third wave of enterprise technology. CompTIA’s Building Digital Organizations study provides insights into the changing business dynamics and role of IT as cloud and mobility drive new technology solutions.

As technology becomes more accessible and more widespread, entire organizations – not just the IT department – are changing their approach and redefining the processes for choosing, implementing, and supporting business systems. The function of the IT team is certainly changing, whether that team is an internal department, an informal collection of employees, or a third party responsible for technology management. However, there are also changes in inter-departmental dynamics and in the drivers behind technology projects.

After several years of looking at cloud and mobility individually to understand how they were being implemented, CompTIA is taking a step back to assess the bigger picture. Building Digital Organizations explores the transformations taking place in businesses beyond the IT team. It also explores the steps the IT team can take to continue providing value in this new era of enterprise technology.

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CompTIA’s IT research studies provide timely, relevant data and assessments that can be immediately incorporated into your business and marketing plans, education and sales strategies. Our research studies typically include the dual perspective of end-users and the IT channel and adhere to rigorous research and ethical standards.

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