5 Tools To Jumpstart Your Cloud

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You need to learn to walk before you can run, and it’s the same case with cloud computing, an emerging technology still finding its footing. Loaded with buzzwords and new terminology, cloud computing might be hard to get your head around, but as companies move toward full adoption you’ll be well-positioned to tap into the cloud’s recurring revenue streams if you can offer informed advice.

These five pieces from the CompTIA library will help you gain a firm standing when it comes to cloud computing. Start by learning why virtualization is so critical to successful cloud computing. From there, you will discover the questions you should ask when exploring cloud solutions and the pieces that make up the cloud ecosystem. Finally, solution providers can use our guides to find the tools they need for success in their businesses. Even more cloud content is available to premier members — this is just the beginning.

Here are five cloud-related resources to get you started.


1. Quick Start Guide to Virtualization

Companies are moving toward cloud computing at a rapid rate, but CompTIA research shows that understanding of virtualization is not always a given. Virtualization is critical to many corporate IT strategies, and is a foundational technology in cloud computing. CompTIA’s Quick Start Guide to Virtualization offers a basic understanding of virtualization and describes its history and role in today’s cloud technology. In 30 minutes, you will understand why virtualization knowledge is essential when considering cloud services.

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2. Cloud Services Buying Guide

Even for the savviest of businesses, investing in a cloud solution can be a complicated and challenging endeavor. Learn to ask the right questions with CompTIA’s Buying Guide for Cloud Services, designed to help new cloud solution providers and their clients navigate the purchasing process for cloud solutions. Learn to assess ROI, evaluate capabilities and weigh competing needs. It’s not a Consumer Reports type of product review: It’s a framework for asking the right questions.

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3. The Cloud Computing Ecosystem

Defining cloud computing is tricky, especially amid all the hype and generalizations. A broad understanding is the first step toward standardization of definitions and technologies. CompTIA’s Cloud Computing Ecosystem research brief describes the basic components that make up the cloud computing environment and examines the potential impact cloud computing can have on your company.

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4. 10-Week Guide to Establishing Your Cloud Services

For solution providers, establishing cloud services can be an overwhelming task, and one you can’t afford to flub. CompTIA’s 10-Week Guide to Establishing Your Cloud Services assumes that your company is at the beginning of its journey into cloud computing and that you are in the process of developing relevant strategies for incorporating the cloud into your overall business model. Written for small to midsize solution providers who sell primarily to small and medium-sized businesses, the guide shows you how to incorporate public cloud offerings into your solution portfolio. This resource is only available to premier members.

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5. Quick Start Guide to Accelerating Your Cloud Business

With a basic cloud strategy in place, solution providers need to quickly become trusted advisors for cloud solutions. CompTIA’s Quick Start Guide to Accelerating Your Cloud Business offers you useful guidance for accelerating the growth of your cloud business. Consider the guide’s four strategic questions each time you evaluate your customer’s needs, and customize the guide’s three strategies for developing cloud revenue. Learn to lead the conversation and help your customers take the most appropriate action.

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