A strong, conscientious, balanced business strategy determines whether an organization can make a sound, principled investment in information technology products or services today. Such a strategy emphasizes both the people who implement it, and the people whom it serves. How are MSPs influencing the decisions they make, and making a difference for the organizations they serve?

CompTIA’s Fourth Annual Trends in Managed Services report, published in May 2015, provides a frank, realistic perspective on the competitive state of the U.S. MSP market. It features results from a survey of some 350 American IT professionals, plus one-on-one interviews with IT department executives with experience hiring MSPs. Here’s some of what you’ll discover:

  • IT spreads beyond department boundaries. More than one third of respondents surveyed said their everyday IT tasks are handled by people for whom IT is not their principal responsibility.
  • Outsourcing is often not option #1. Despite what has been described as the rise of managed services, fewer than one organization in five is either seriously evaluating the use of an outside MSP or using one now.
  • Cost savings is not the driving force. Perhaps because increased returns are difficult to forecast, cost savings has become a lesser driver for adopting MSPs than in prior years.

Download this trends guide now, and see how a comprehensive reassessment of the benefits an MSP can bring to organizations, could help yours devise a clearer IT strategy.

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