3rd Annual Trends in Cloud Computing

By the middle of 2012, cloud computing was not just an alternative platform. The gathering of compute, storage, and memory resources into homogenous, virtual pools was not only the platform for cloud service providers, but for on-premises services as well.

CompTIA’s July 2013 report on Trends in Cloud Computing presents a snapshot of an industry in flux — truly rapid change from a state of uncertainty, to a state of maturity. Here’s some of what this report reveals:

  • Economy over predictability. Given a handful of key reasons why an organization should move its IT assets to the public cloud, the least cited reason by businesses polled was predictable pricing — the hallmark of the original “-as-a-Service” model, at the time of its creation.
  • Participation not required. Less than half of businesses polled said their IT departments were sought for approval for procurement of cloud-based solutions.
  • On second thought. Then when those procured solutions failed to work as advertised, those same firms said their IT departments were called on for help.
  • No downsizing here. When given a list of possible changes to organizations’ IT departments on account of the deployment of cloud-based services, only 1 firm in 5 said it had the effect of reducing their headcounts for IT personnel.

Follow the brief but revealing history of the cloud services industry. Download this cloud trends report now from CompTIA.

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