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Sustainable HR development in the age of AI explored at the CompTIA Japan Branch HR Summit 2024

Jan 22, 2024

TOKYO – An examination of how organizations are preparing their workforces to co-exist with artificial intelligence (AI) and strategies for enhancing skills that help customers grow and solve problems highlight the upcoming CompTIA Japan Branch Human Resource Development Summit 2024 on Friday, Jan. 26.

“As organizations progress with their use of the cloud and digital transformation, they are also exploring how to incorporate AI into their operations,” said Mr. Peter Schalkwijk, CompTIA Vice President, Business Development APAC. “Amid various social issues and an ever-changing IT environment, how to plan for sustainable human resource development has become an issue for employers. Our experts will provide clarity and guidance on these important trends.”

Summit speakers include Mr. Kazuya Maekawa from the Professionalization Promotion Department, Human Resources Center, Human Resources and Corporate Division, Ricoh Japan Co., Ltd., and Dr. James Stanger, chief technology evangelist, CompTIA.

“Forward-thinking companies realize that for AI to be effective and impactful, they need to upskill their employees,” Dr. Stanger said. “This includes communication, both verbal and written, curiosity, and interest in research and working with data. It also requires re-imagined job roles and responsibilities for employees as AI handles routine tasks and automates processes.”

Also on the agenda are presentations from two leading IT companies on how they are reinventing their HR practices. Mr. Satoshi Hotta, General Manager of Technology Division, ICT Business Division, SB C&S Co., Ltd., and Mr. Takaaki Yoto, General Manager of Outsourcing Service Division, Uniadex Co., Ltd., will participate in the conversation moderated by Mr. Takeshi Itamiyaby, CompTIA Regional Director/Senior Consultant.

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