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Innovating for a sustainable future: CompTIA will meet with training organisations in Italy on redefining the role of tech education

Apr 15, 2024

Focus is on strategic skills development in cyber security, AI, data and other disciplines

ROME CompTIA, the world’s leading information technology (IT) certification and training body, will meet this week with training organisations in Italy to strategize on new education efforts to expand and strengthen the country’s tech workforce.

CompTIA will host this first of its kind forum in Rome on 17 April and Milan on 18 April for discussions on redefining the role of education in the tech industry. 

“Conventional approaches to training that produce cookie cutter digital citizens is woefully inadequate,” said Dr. James Stanger, chief technology evangelist for CompTIA. “Instead, we need to create uniquely skilled workers who are ready to handle the most in-demand technology jobs.”

Dr. Stanger will offer his unique perspective on evaluating training to address the skills needs of the most in-demand jobs, in cyber security, artificial intelligence, data and other areas of technology. He will discuss emerging workforce trends, as identified in CompTIA research, and the significant role professional certifications, such as those available from CompTIA, have in developing a highly skilled labour pool.

“CompTIA is committed to workforce development and equipping Italian professionals and businesses with the skills and knowledge needed to thrive in the digital age,” said Marie Cronin, senior account executive, EMEA, CompTIA. “We see great opportunities to partner with organisations in Italy to further enhance digital literacy, professional development and the cultivation of the next generation of IT professionals.”

The forum also features a session to help organizations unlock the full potential of their marketing strategies by highlighting the “The Power of Personas.” The session will be led by Sophie Stocking, CompTIA’s marketing director for EMEA.

“Understanding what truly makes customers tick is the key to developing a robust go to market strategy,” Stocking said. “Working with partners to share research, dig into who their customers are and what drives them makes for a stronger relationship and helps partners to plan programmes over an extended period of time.”

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