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CompTIA Apprenticeships for Tech Expands Training Resources for in-Demand IT Jobs

Aug 25, 2021

National Guideline Standards available for tech project coordinator and three other IT roles

DOWNERS GROVE, Ill. – Comprehensive guideline standards for preparing individuals to work as tech project coordinators – a starting point for a career in project management – have been released by CompTIA Apprenticeships for Tech, a national program to expand and diversify the information technology (IT) workforce across America.

The U.S. Department of Labor (USDOL) has now approved National Guideline Standards for four high-demand IT occupations: tech project coordinator, tech support specialist, network support specialist and cybersecurity support technician.

Developed by CompTIA, the standards reflect the prevailing job requirements for the large majority of positions in these four roles. The standards provide guidance for employers, academic institutions, workforce development organizations and other partners in CompTIA Apprenticeships for Tech as they prepare individuals for apprenticeships and careers in IT.

“These standards identify the technical and employability competencies and skills that apprentices learn as they prepare to join the IT workforce,” said Amy Kardel, vice president for strategic workforce relationships at CompTIA. “The standards are both customizable to meet the unique needs of each employer and comprehensive so businesses and partners can accelerate the development of their Registered Apprenticeship Programs.”

CompTIA and Maher & Maher were selected by the USDOL to participate in the national apprenticeship initiative to increase the number of workers trained and certified to fill high-demand tech positions, especially from groups who are under-represented in the tech workforce, including women, people of color and individuals with disabilities.

The National Guideline Standards detail the workplace training and supplemental coursework for apprentices in each of the four IT job roles. For example, tech project coordinator apprentices will receive on-the-job training and instruction in the basics of project management, general IT terminology and concepts, business acumen, employability skills and other areas.

For employers the standards include guidance on the qualifications and recruitment of prospective apprentices, the duration of training and a recommended wage scale.

Employers interested in joining the CompTIA Apprenticeships for Tech program and  individuals who would like to become apprentices can find more information at

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CompTIA Apprenticeships for Tech is a national initiative to increase the number of skilled technology workers and expand tech career opportunities for diverse populations, including women, individuals with disabilities and people of color. It is funded by the U.S. Department of Labor, led by CompTIA, the nonprofit association for the IT industry and workforce, and Maher & Maher, a recognized leader in building innovative and successful apprenticeship initiatives and is built according to the Registered Apprenticeship Program model. For more information visit

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