Solution Provider User Group (Benelux): MSP Back to School, Back to the Drawing Board

Here is your chance to discuss issues facing you and your business with your peers. Come armed with questions as well as being ready to share best practices and any advice to those attending.

Title: MSP Back to school, back to the drawing board

What will be discussed:

a Attract new talent to grow your MSP

b How do you position the MSP in a serverless environment

c What technical vertical seems most likely to grow MSP business in 2022


Steven Tytgat, raised in Grimbergen near Brussels.

Being the son of 2 doctors and raised in a family of entrepreneurs it was no surprise that I chose the same path.

Being fascinated by IT I was lucky enough to have access to computers and the internet from a very early age.

During my first year as a bachelor in IT I saw opportunity and started my First company.

As an independent consultant in networking, security and VOIP I worked during a few year for the major integrators and telco’s in Belgium.

Building knowledge and experience over the years allowed me to start my own MSP.

In 2005 Tyneso was born. We started out servicing the SMB with the knowledge and the expertise gathered in the enterprise.

As the customer base grew and Tyneso had solid references, we currently focus on mid-sized enterprise (50-500 IT end-users).

Today we are in the zone we want to be in. We love to work together with companies that are on a tipping point. We have a specialization on the IT (infrastructure & architecture) side of M&A integration projects.

Complex migrations and integrations are what triggers me and my team the most. We are like the Riddler, always curious and eager to solve the next puzzle.

We value short communication lines with our customers, have a pragmatic approach and are vendor and cloud agnostic.

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