Marketing in a Pandemic: Community Check-in powered by the UK Community

Top tips:

  • Understand your customer and the challenges they are facing
  • Look for market segments that are thriving.
  • Confront your marketing demons!
Janet O’Sullivan

Channel Program Manager
Having gained extensive experience in marketing and business development in global food companies, I made the leap to the technology industry in 2015. I have held roles in StorageCraft and The Email laundry . In both cases my role was very much around bridging communication between what the technology can do and why this is vital for the  business community .

I have always been struck by how challenged MSPs are on marketing and have been happy to help MSPs in navigating their marketing journey.

I’m vested in the UK computer industry and was very proud to hold the position of Chair of the U.K. Channel Community. I was honored by CRN in 2018 by being named in their CRN Power 100 - Women of the Channel 2018.

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