IoT and Your Tech Career: The Skills You Need Right Now

October 29, 2018 3:00 PM

3pm CT / 4pm ET
IoT is a fact of life. Billions of devices are already deployed, both at work and in our personal lives. According to one estimate, 127 new IoT devices go live every second. If you’re not wearing a smart watch already, there’s probably an IoT device charging and/or listening less than 3 feet away from you at any given time.

From an IT pro’s perspective, what does IoT really mean? What skills do you need to be “IoT ready” when it comes to your career? Join CompTIA’s Chief Technology Evangelist James Stanger for insight into what it takes to move from being a mere consumer of IoT to creating a working solution. During this webinar, James will discuss essential technologies, identify potential security and privacy issues, and investigate essential concepts and best practices.

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