5 keys to successfully build an unstoppable IT sales engine

If your sales are growing in line with your plans then you won’t need to join this webinar. However, if:

  • your sales engine is not scaling in line with expectations,
  • sales forecasts are only accurate in the short term,
  • growth targets are occasionally missed,
  • the mix of products and services are not always achieved in the required proportions,
  • ·new sales hires don’t work out as often as frequently as you would like, and
  • your clients don’t always pay for the value you deliver.

Then, this session is for you. Join us for a 50 min workshop style webinar that focuses on 5 key activities that enable the whole organisation to work better together towards growing profitable sales growth. Predictable sales and profit growth are the hallmark of every high value business, but few tech companies manage to realise it at the cost of client, staff and shareholder satisfaction. Assessing your organisation against these five behaviours will help inform your plans and investment decisions.

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