Howard Cohen

Frank E. Coker, CMC, MBA, is the CEO of CoreConnex, Inc., the software company that produces the Corelytics Financial Dashboard. He is also an Adjunct Faculty member at the University of Washington where he teaches finance and entrepreneurship classes in the Masters of Information Systems Management program. He has been a founder in six start-up companies and has coached hundreds of small and large businesses. He has served on numerous boards, been CEO, COO, CFO and CIO in various companies and led numerous business turn-around projects. Frank began his career as an officer in the Army Medical Service Corps with responsibility for developing complex computer systems for analyzing military healthcare outcomes.

He worked for IBM as a marketing representative and later as a management consultant for PriceWaterhouse (before the merger with Coopers). Frank is extremely interested in helping small businesses avoid the common traps that cause failure in more than 50% of all new businesses in their first three to five years. His work with graduate students and professional consultants on the topics of trend analysis and predictive analytics have resulted in a body of knowledge that can help business owners and their teams get a more clear understanding of where their business is headed and what needs to be changed to make the business successful and sustainable. Many of these concepts are explained in his new book, Pulse, Understanding the Vital Signs of Your Business, available at and on Amazon.