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We Understand the Challenges You Face

Technology plays a significant role in achieving business outcomes – and qualified IT professionals are the key to unlocking that success. However, HR professionals and tech managers looking to upskill existing tech talent face countless challenges, including:

  • A widening skills gap and a lack of skilled tech professionals
  • The rapid evolution of technology
  • Increased cybersecurity risks
  • Confidence gaps
  • Continued macroeconomic challenges

Continuous learning is crucial in the tech industry, and investing in employee development will ensure your workforce remains up to date with the latest skills and knowledge – while fostering a culture of learning. CompTIA tech training and certification hold the key.

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Within the next five years, up to half of all employees will need some amount of reskilling to perform their roles properly.

Workforce and Learning Trends, CompTIA 2023

$600,00 to $2.5M

Annual savings for an average 100-person company engaging in reskilling.
Talent 2023 & HR Trends: What it Means for Talent Cost


Employees more likely to stay with their employer if they offer upskilling and career advancement opportunities.

2023 Tech Forecast, Pluralsight Skills

Our Solutions Drive Your Organization Forward

CompTIA training and certifications provide your team with the right IT, cybersecurity and data skills to drive your organization forward, allowing you to:

  • Expand employee skill sets
  • Reduce cybersecurity risks
  • Give employees the opportunity to advance their careers and improve productivity by building adjacent skills
  • Improve employee retention and morale
  • Ensure compliance with federal directives
  • Grow your own tech talent
  • Promote from within
  • Upskill beginners with no IT experience
  • Promote IT workers in entry-level roles to mid-level roles
  • Use screening tools to identify the best candidates for beginner training
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How we do it.

Discover CompTIA Corporate Solutions


Take your staff from entry-level to expert and help them acquire the skills needed to get the job done with our trusted vendor-neutral IT certifications

Skills assessment

Assess the talent of your current and future team members and implement a targeted approach to upskilling and reskilling

Apprenticeships and work-based learning

Increase pathways to employment for underrepresented tech populations and connect diverse talent to every industry with our registered Apprenticeships for Tech

Reskilling, upskilling and outskilling

Build a program that fits your needs, whether you’re looking to reskill or upskill your staff, or provide outskilling as a benefit to your employees

Self-paced learning

Empower your staff to learn at their own pace with training solutions made by CompTIA for certification candidates

Live online training

Enable your team to learn online and in real time from anywhere with certified CompTIA instructors

Custom training

Meet your organization’s goals with a custom job-focused program of instructor-led, accelerated courses conducted on-site or in a virtual environment

Courses for trainers

Join the CompTIA Instructor Network to receive complimentary train-the-trainer courses and collaborate with colleagues around the world

Bootcamp events

Enhance the safety and resiliency of government systems and networks by getting government personnel, agencies and contractors up to speed on cybersecurity best practices and solutions – and earn continuing education credit for select CompTIA cybersecurity certifications


As a CompTIA member, your organization benefits by helping you scale your tech business, connect with the right partners, safeguard your company and customers against cyberattacks, arm your staff with tools to grow their careers and drive the tech industry forward

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