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Once you complete activities to earn Continuing Education Units (CEUs), just submit the activity details and upload the required documentation to your account.

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How to Earn and Receive CEUs

Follow these requirements to earn and receive CEUs:

  • Timing: You must complete the activity during your three-year renewal cycle.
  • Relevance: At least 50 percent of the course content must relate to one or more of the exam objectives for the certification you’re renewing. It is important to keep in mind that CompTIA does not only look at content “topics” to determine whether a course relates to exam objectives. There are other variables, including cognitive level of course content, that is taken into account during our internal review. *
  • Documentation: Submit the required documentation to receive CEUs for an activity.

*CompTIA reserves the right to make a final determination about whether training course content may or may not relate to exam objectives, up to 50%, and leverages an unbiased third party to ensure accuracy throughout the review process.

Are your CEUs valid?

Use our CEU assessment to see if your Continuing Education (CE) activity meets the CE program requirements.

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